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Business Vendor Information

Vendors are welcome to register with the City of Beverly Hills.  

How to Become a Vendor for the City

Complete the Online Vendor Registration form below.  This process will get your company's name in the City's vendor list.  However, it is recommended that you introduce your company to the user departments directly, by giving them a call or sending them a brochure.

*Company Name
*City *State
*Zip * P.O. Box (if any)
*Contact Name
*Check One:
*State of Incorporation
* Tax ID

Remit To:
* Remittance Address
* City
* State
* Zip
* P.O. Box (if any)
* Contact Name
* Phone Number
* Fax Number

Ranking of Commodities: Please briefly describe your company sells and rank them 1-5, 1 being the hightest.
* Commodity 1
Commodity 2
Commodity 3
Commodity 4
Commodity 5