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Non-Compliant Organizations


Organizations that Fail to Apply for Charitable Solicitations Permit

The following organizations are reported to have solicited funds in Beverly Hills without a permit and—after being contacted about this violation of the Beverly Hills Municipal Code over 30 days ago—have not complied with staff’s request to retroactively submit an application for a permit and the requisite financial information about their fundraising activities. Members of the public who have information about whether any of these organizations conducted solicitations in Beverly Hills for these events is encouraged to contact the Charitable Solicitations Commission at 310-285-2109 or via email at solicitationpermits@beverlyhills.org.

Organization Event Date Location Contacted by CSC
Alliance for Children's Rights 3/1/2017 Beverly Hilton -
Amanda Foundation 10/25/2015 Two Rodeo Drive 6/21/2016
American Ballet Theatre 12/05/2016 The Beverly Hilton -
American Heart Association 6/13/2015 California Science Center 6/21/2016
American Heart Association 5/7/2015 Universal Studios Hollywood 6/21/2016
Bet Tzedek 1/26/2015 Hyatt Regency Century Plaza 6/21/2016
Beverly Hills Theatre Guild 9/20/2015 Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills Hotel 6/21/2016
Blind Children's Center 10/16/2015 Brookside Golf Club 6/21/2016
Boy Scouts of America, Western Los Angeles County 10/27/2015 Sheraton Universal Hotel 6/21/2016
Cancer Hope Network 10/29/2015 Infiniti of Beverly Hills 6/21/2016
Children's Defense Fund 12/3/2015 Beverly Wilshire Hotel 6/21/2016
Foundation of Jewish Education 10/24/2015 Temple Beth Am 6/21/2016
Free Arts for Abused Children 6/6/2015 The Victorian, Santa Monica 6/21/2016
Friends of Sheba Medical Center 11/15/2015 Beverly Wilshire Hotel 6/21/2016
Global Kindredspirits, Inc. 6/14/2015 Saban Theatre 6/21/2016
John Wayne Cancer Institute Auxiliary 10/22/2015 Beverly Wilshire Hotel 6/21/2016
Lupus LA 9/16/2015 Avalon Hollywood 6/21/2016
Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation 9/26/2015 Mc C's Hotel 6/21/2016
Pets Are Wonderful Support   9/26/2015  Seven different residences 6/21/2016
Phoenix Houses of California, Inc. 6/15/2015 Montage Beverly Hills Hotel 6/21/2016
Scleroderma Research Foundation 6/5/2015 Beverly Wilshire Hotel 6/21/2016
Shelters for Israel 8/23/2015 Temple Beth Am 6/21/2016
Special Needs Network 5/17/2015 Montage Beverly Hills Hotel 6/21/2016
St. Vincent Meals on Wheels 3/14/2015 Montage Beverly Hills Hotel 6/21/2016
The American Ballet Theatre 12/7/2015 Beverly Hilton Hotel 6/21/2016
The Farrah Fawcett Foundation 9/9/2015 The Wallis Annenberg Performing Arts 6/21/2016
The Fulfillment Fund 10/14/2015 Beverly Hilton Hotel 6/21/2016
The Help Group Child and Family Center 12/9/2015 Beverly Hilton Hotel 6/21/2016
The Help Group Child and Family Center 11/28/2015 Beverly Hilton Hotel 6/21/2016
US Holocaust Memorial Council 3/16/2015 Beverly Hilton Hotel 6/21/2016
USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center 10/10/2015 Beverly Wilshire Hotel 6/21/2016
William Isacoff Research Foundation for Gastrointestinal Cancer 9/25/2015 Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 6/21/2016


Organizations that Fail to File Financial Statements

The majority of charities holding fundraising events in the City of Beverly Hills fulfill the City's requirement to submit financial statement information within 60 days of the issued permit expiring. However, a small percentage do not fulfill that requirement. Below is a list of charities that have not provided financial statement information within 90 days of the issued 2016 permit expiring:

Organization Permit Number Event Date Location Contacted by CSC
University of Southern California 2016-023 3/4/2016 The Beverly Wilshire Hotel 10/6/2016 
The Hawn Foundation 2016-060 5/6/2016 Green Acres Estate 10/6/2016 
Boys and Girls Clubs of America 2016-069 11/3/2016 The Beverly Wilshire Hotel 2/8/2017
Ovarian Cancer Research Fund 2016-078 6/11/2016 Barker Hangar, Santa Monica, CA 2/8/2017
PEN Center USA West 2016-087 9/28/2016 Beverly Wilshire Hotel 12/19/2016
YWCA of Greater Los Angeles 2016-107 11/13/2015 Beverly Wilshire 11/10/2016
Real Medicine Foundation 2016-120 10/20/2016 SLS Hotel 2/8/2017
Augie's Quest - ALS TDI 2016-122 10/15/2016 Beverly Hilton Hotel 2/8/2017
Childhelp Inc. (Greater Los Angeles Chapter) 2016-127 12/11/2016 The Millennium Biltmore Hotel 2/8/2017
CLARE Foundation 2016-131 11/10/2016 Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel 2/8/2017
Vahagn Setian Charitable Foundation 2016-151 12/4/2016 Civic Center Plaza, Beverly Hills 2/8/2017
Association for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies 2016-160 11/19/2016 The Beverly Hilton 2/8/2017
Disabled Veteran Business Alliance 2016-167 11/11/2016 Beverly Hilton Hotel 2/8/2017
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 2016-173 11/12/2016 Private Residence, Beverly Hills 2/8/2017
Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust 2016-175 11/6/2016 Beverly Wilshire Hotel 2/8/2017
Los Angeles Conservancy 2016-179 10/22/2016 Private Residence, Beverly Hills 2/8/2017
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Western Region 2016-186 11/5/2015 The Beverly Hilton 12/19/2016
United Friends of Children 2016-192 10/22/2016 Private Residence, Los Angeles 4/27/2017
Patient Care Foundation of Los Angeles County 2016-193 11/3/2016 Beverly Wilshire Hotel 4/27/2017
GLSEN 2016-195 10/21/2016 Beverly Wilshire Hotel 4/27/2017
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Western Region 2016-197 11/3/2016 The Beverly Hilton Hotel 4/27/2017
Friendly Hand Foundation 2016-204 10/29/2016 Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel 4/27/2017
March of Dimes Foundation 2016-209 12/9/2016 Beverly Wilshire Hotel 4/27/2017
The Salvation Army 2016-219 11/20/2016 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills 4/27/2017



Organizations With Proceeds Less Than 50% of Total Receipts

A large majority of charities holding fundraising events in the City of Beverly Hills fulfill the City's requirements to donate at least half of the proceeds to the named charity. However, a small percentage do not fulfill that requirement. Below is a list of charities that have repeatedly recorded net proceeds less than 50 percent of total receipts for fundraising events:

Organization Permit Number Event Date Location
A Place Called Home 2016-094 5/19/2016 Beverly Hilton Hotel
American Society for Yad Vashem 2016-093 6/6/2016 Beverly Wilshire Hotel
Baby Buggy, Inc 2016-108 4/20/2016 The Palm, Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills Athletic Alumni Association 2016-017 3/31/2016 UCLA
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles 2016-099 4/15/2015 Beverly Hills Wilshire
Cedar-Sinai Medical Center 2016-072 6/26/2016 Beverly Hills
Childhelp Inc 2016-014 4/23/2016 Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
Children's Chain of Children's Hospital 2016-086 7/10/2016 Will Rogers State Park Rd
Disabled Veteran Business Alliance 2016-161 11/13/2015 Beverly Hilton Hotel
Friends of Greystone 2016-012 - Monetary Drive
Girl Scout's of Greater Los Angeles 2016-199 - Monetary Drive
IBD Support Foundation 2017-009 2/23/2017 The Beverly Hilton
Imagen Foundation 2017-064 9/9/2016 Beverly Hilton Hotel
Israel Christian Nexus 2016-065 6/14/2016 Beverly Wilshire Hotel
J/P Haitian Relief Organization 2016-009 1/9/2016 Montage Hotel
Junior League of Los Angeles 2016-033 4/30/2016 Alexandria Ballrooms, Los Angeles
Junior League of Los Angeles 2016-149 11/20/2016 JW Marriott
Los Angeles County Police Canine Association 2016-133 8/6/2016 Santa Monica College
Los Angeles Opera Company 2016-117 9/17/2016 Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
National Charity League Inc 2016-061 11/26/2016 The Beverly Wilshire Hotel
Network of Executive Women in Hospitality, Inc. 2016-208 10/15/2016 Beverly Hilton Hotel
Pepperdine University 2016-124 11/9/2016 Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire
Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation 2017-066 1/14/2017 Beverly Hilton Hotel
Saint John's Health Center Foundation 2016-083 10/22/2016 The Beverly Wilshire Hotel
Tower Cancer Research Foundation 2016-071 6/4/2016 Sofitel Hotel Los Angeles
UCLA Extension 2016-150 10/25/2016 Beverly Hills Hotel


**Lists updated monthly. 4/13/17**