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Commissions Health and Safety Commission Commission Accomplishments
Commission Accomplishments

Accomplishments FY 2013-2014

 Healthy Lifestyles was the Commission’s area of focus during this term.  The four Healthy Lifestyles focus areas included:

  • Immunizations and vaccinations
  • Healthy diet and exercise
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Senior and homebound population


During this time the Health and Safety Commission accomplished the following:


  • Working with the City’s Cable Office, developed and participated in the cable show called Dangerstoppers. Topics chosen by the Commission included Heat Safety, Fight the Flu, Protect Your Pet, Fight the Bite, Beat the Heat, and Stay Informed.


  • Studied, reviewed and provided policy recommendations to the City Council on tobacco use and the sale and use of e-cigarettes. The Commission recommended that the sale and use of e-cigarettes be treated the same as the sale and use of tobacco products. The Commission also recommended to ban smoking in additional places.


  • Working with the City’s Community Services Human Services Division, developed the concept and planned for October a collaboration networking opportunity for agencies that assist with Beverly Hills Older Adult Health and Safety issues.


  • Heard a presentation and discussed breed specific legislation. Chose a dog  safety pamphlet to be handed out at a variety of events. Provided input on the Dog Park rules and regulations.


  • Heard a presentation on the Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative. Participated in a variety of these initiatives.


  • Provided input to the Community Services Department on topics for the Mayor’s Lunch and Learn program.


  • Participated in the third annual National Night Out event. Provided information on selected Health and Safety messages and coordinated health screenings. Encouraged the event to continue for a fourth year. This law enforcement event, in cooperation with all Community Stakeholders, is held nationwide on every first Tuesday in August.


  • Two Commissioners  participated in the City’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training and program.  


  • Three Commissioners participated in the CERT Refresher training.


  • Heard a presentation by LA County Vector Control.


  • Supported the National Preparedness Month campaign and pledge drive: Resolve To Be Ready.


  • Provided input on the locations on new signage for the AM Radio project.


  • Heard presentation and supported the Fire Department Pulse Point CPR application.


  • Continued to brief and provide information to the new Commissioners on a variety of topics including reviewing the Health and Safety Commission goals, objectives, work plan areas of interest, standard operating policies and procedures.


  • Judged the Red Ribbon Week poster contest.


  • Reviewed how the Commission can work towards a more paperless meeting.


  • Introduced to and heard a variety of presentations from the Department’s Health and Safety Liaisons. Liaisons were introduced, described their departments, and highlighted health and safety related issues, projects, and activities.


  • Received a tour of the Information Technology Department.


  • A Commissioner was chosen to work with the Transportation and Parking Commission on the disabled placard policies.


  • Two Commissioners volunteered to serve on the Taxi Franchise Review Panel.


  • Developed Health and Safety Commission Outreach cards to be passed out at a variety of events. The following four topics were chosen: Don’t Text and Drive, Drop Cover and Hold, Pedestrian Safety and Fighting the Flu.


  • Discussed starting a disaster preparedness volunteer speaking bureau.


  • Discussed and provided input on the current use of pesticides on City-owned property.


  • Provided material for Beverly Hills This Week, the City’s cable show.


  • Continued to work with the Police Department to follow up with the Nike Runners Club on increasing safety by running on the sidewalks, and not on the streets.


  • Represented the Health and Safety Commission message at a variety of City events and speaking engagements.


  • Various Commissioners participated in the following events: LA Marathon operation,  Woofstock, Earth Day, National Night Out, Senior Health Day, Every 15 Minutes Steering Committee, Baker to Vegas Run, and CERT business, community and refresher  classes.


  • Heard presentation and provided input on the current 9-1-1 system and future trends including texting 911.


  • Presented the Employee Emergency Management Award.


  • Heard presentation and provided input on the fall prevention program that the Fire Department had participated in for a short time.


  • Heard presentation and provided comment on the Public Works Services Water Quality Report.


  • Explored, with the Community Services Human Services division, the feasibility of establishing adult day care in the City.


  • Provided suggestions on ways to improve Earth Day and suggested additional vendors/booths to participate.


  • Heard a presentation and demonstration on how to sign up for social media.


  • Heard presentation on Southern California Edison’s emergency response procedures.


  • Heard a presentation and provided input on  programs offered to seniors, including pamphlets provided especially  for seniors.


  • Heard presentation on the overall framework of the emergency organization.


  • Heard a presentation and provided input on the 2014 pesticide use permit .


  • Heard information on the City’s emergency evacuation assistance registry.


  • Received two presentations by the City Attorney on Conflict of Interests, the Brown Act, Form 170 procedures and other related Commission legal matters.


 The following continues to be the goals of the Commission:


  • To Create a “Community Culture of Awareness and Preparedness.”


  • To Encourage Good Decision Making and Battle Complacency on Health and Safety Matters.


  • To Serve as Ambassadors to the Community on Health and Safety related Resources and Information.