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Rent Stabilization





At this time the City is taking enforcement action on all property owners who have not submitted and completed rent registration for their property in accordance to the Rent Stabilization Ordinance and the Beverly Hills Municipal Code (BHMC) Sections 4-6-10 / 4-5-801.

Failure to immediately submit the rent registration may result in continued enforcement action, including but not limited to the issuance of multiple citations and/or daily citations for each day of non-compliance.

As of January 19, 2018, those properties which remain un-registered are precluded from issuing a rent increase for any unit on the property (Ordinance N. 17-O-2745). 

 Ordinance 17-O-2745



Outstanding Registrations of Multi-family Rental Properties


On January 24, 2017, the City adopted an Ordinance (Ord. 17-O-2729) requiring owners of multifamily rental buildings to register all rental units with the City. On July 10, 2017, the City mailed a Notice Requiring Registration of Rental Units to all owners of such buildings. The unit registration deadline was extended from August 23, 2017 to September 22, 2017. Since the registration deadline has passed, property owners with outstanding registrations are in violation of the Ordinance and subject to enforcement and must take immediate steps to complete and submit the registration for all rental units.

All Registrations of Rental Units Must Be Completed Online by completing the registration form found on the web at http://bhrent.beverlyhills.org

City staff is available to assist owners complete the registration process through a one-on-one appointment. To schedule an appointment with City Staff, please call us at (310)285-1031. Our offices are open Monday through Thursday from 7:30am to 5:30pm and on Fridays from 8:00am to 5:00pm.


City of Beverly Hills - Rent Stabilization Program

455 North Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

(310)285-1031 or bhrent@beverlyhills.org


The City of Beverly Hills Community Preservation enforces the City's provisions regulating residential multi-family rent stabilization of apartment units, only. The Rent Stabilization Ordinance does not apply to condominium units, single-family homes, commercial spaces, or units permitted after 1995 per Costa Hawkins.

The City of Beverly Hills’ Rent stabilization requirements apply to all multi-family housing of two or more units, except the following:

  • Hotels, motels, inns and boarding houses unless they have been rented for more than 30 days. 
  • Rental housing built with a certificate of occupancy issued after February 1, 1995
  • Rental housing built before 1978 and initially occupied by the current tenant for a rent of $600/month or less.  This is referred to as “Chapter 5” rental housing and a different set of regulations applies to this housing.  Please note that Beverly Hills Municipal Code Title 4 - Chapter 5 units are subject to the registration requirement. 

L.A. County Department of Consumer Affairs Rent Stabilization

For all issues not covered under the local Beverly Hills Chapter 5 or 6 Rent Stabilization Code and for all civil or lease-related issues, please refer to the State of California's Department of Consumer Affairs California Tenants Handbook.  This Handbook may be viewed at the link below.  The PDF booklet may be downloaded for future reference.  Contact the local Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Rent Stabilization information at (213) 974-1452. 


Contact BHRent
CONTACT: Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization
ADDRESS: 455 N Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
EMAIL: BHrent@beverlyhills.org
URL: www.beverlyhills.org/BHrent
DEPT PHONE: (310) 285-1031