Positive Change Not Spare Change

Positive Change, Not Spare Change - What does this mean?

 In lieu of giving to individuals on the streets, the City of Beverly Hills encourages visitors and community members to apply your generosity towards local non-profits who will use the  funds to create permanent solutions to end homeless.

For ideas, see the list of Human Services community partners, local non-profits serving the Beverly Hills community.

Changing Lives and Sharing Places (CLASP): The City has engaged the services of a professional outreach team trained in how to approach and assess the needs of homeless individuals. You can help by calling the CLASP team at 310-487-0313 and provide the location and description of the homeless individual. Read more here

Watch this video for an overview of the CLASP team’s work:

Interested in learning more? Join the Beverly Hills Homeless Collaboration:

  • Meets the second Tuesday of every month to assist homeless individuals in Beverly Hills. The BHHC has worked collaboratively to make a difference since October 2010.  Anyone interested in attending should contact Jim Latta, Human Services Administrator at 310-285-1006.
  • Members include People Assisting The Homeless, Step Up On Second, Los Angeles Mission, All Saints Episcopal Church , Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church, Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Beverly Hills Police Department, Los Angeles County Beverly Hills area District Attorney, Los Angeles County Department Mental Health court liaison, Human Services, Library, park rangers, parking enforcement, Changing Lives and Sharing Places (CLASP) Homeless Outreach Team and the Human Relations Commission .

Ordinance of the City of Beverly Hills Prohibiting Certain Conduct on Public Property.

The City of Beverly Hills is committed to taking a holistic approach to addressing the causes of, as well as deterring, certain public conduct on public property.  The City has made arrangements with shelter facilities to make such facilities available for homeless persons in Beverly Hills who wish to avail themselves of such facilities.  For those who wish to avail themselves of these facilities, transportation will also be made available.  The City has engaged in, and will continue to engage in, outreach efforts to communicate with homeless individuals regarding facilities available to address their basic needs an avoid violating the provisions of this ordinance.  Finally, in adopting the following provisions into its Municipal Code, the City Council also directs that members of the police department or other appropriate officials offer those alternatives to any person who appears to be homeless before arresting or citing that person for a violation of these provisions.  For complete Ordinance click here.

City of Beverly Hills

455 N. Rexford Drive, Suite 250
Beverly Hills, CA  90210

Phone: (310) 285-1006
Fax: (310) 385-0840

Email your questions or comments to Ask Bev

Human Services Administrator: James R. Latta, L.C.S.W
Human Services Specialist: Elizabeth Anderson, L.C.S.W

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Thursday: 7:30am - 5:30pm
Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00pm


Read & Watch: Coverage of City of Beverly Hills' efforts to address homelessness and panhandling: