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Information Technology sets the standard of excellence for municipal governments by seeking state-of-the-art information services to improve the quality of our organizational processes, and to enhance information services to our communities.  Below are the core areas that the IT department is focusing on:


Public Safety - Public safety, which incorporates emergency management, is a cornerstone to the City’s image.  With City residents numbering approximately 35,000 and the number of daytime visitors estimated at 150,000, public safety is a top priority.  The IT Department is undertaking specific projects such as a telephone notification system, Automated Vehicle License Plate Reading and Closed Circuit Television to strengthen the City’s positive public safety record and image.  A newly upgraded Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management System will aid the City in maintaining response times that our residents rely on and that are the envy of cities around the world.  Our new Emergency Operations Center unites all public safety personnel to manage quickly and accurately, a large-scale crisis with the proper coordinated response.  

Citywide Broadband and Wi-Fi - The City is in the midst of expanding its broadband network.  To date, the City has invested nearly $4 million on broadband.  The City’s operations, residents, business community and visitors alike have greatly benefited from this expansion.  There are now over a dozen free public Wi-Fi locations throughout the City covering many of our parks and public areas.  The IT Department is working to expand coverage as well as utilize the existing broadband network to install or upgrade other public services. 

E-Government - The City has already invested heavily on its internet site to meet its goal of world-class customer service.  The elevation of customer service is fully embodied in the eGov initiative.  Under the eGov initiative, the City developed a comprehensive plan that lays out the prioritized initiatives that will deliver the strongest ability to achieve ‘world class’ service.  A newly revamped website and introduction of mobile apps shows our concerted effort to make information easy to find and presented in a clear, concise and useful way.  

New Finance and Enterprise Resource Planning System - The City is in the process of overhauling its finance and enterprise resource planning systems to meet the current and future demands of many City departments.  It will be a more integrated, standardized and robust finance and planning system that streamlines our processes and improves our service response times.  Other anticipated benefits include efficiency improvements, consistency of financial data, standardized reporting and stronger analytical and decision-making capability. 



Information Technology Department Mission

To be recognized among municipalities as a premier provider of technology infrastructure, services and support used to facilitate the advancement and the well-being of the residents, businesses and visitors of Beverly Hills.

The goals of the Department are:

  - To support the technology needs of all City processes and functions;

  - To develop systems and processes that provide consistency and cost efficiency to the City overall, exercising flexibility and judgment regarding individual department needs;

  - To work with departments to develop and maintain information systems and processes; and

  - To work with departments to develop and maintain data integrity.


About Us

David Schirmer, CIO/Director of Information Technology, brings a wealth of IT related knowledge and experience to the City of Beverly Hills.  An expert in design, development, implementation and management of large-scale multi-faceted IT systems, Schirmer has built a high performance team at the City to meet the challenges of being one of the smartest and safest small cities in America. 
Under his leadership, the department recently received the prestigious Information Systems Award from the Municipal Information Systems Association of California (MISAC).  The award was for exceeding local government technology standards. 
Schirmer is active in a variety of professional organizations including the MISAC, and the Urban, Regional Information Systems Association, as well as a number of Geographic Information Sciences organizations.  He holds a master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh and a bachelor’s degree from UCLA.


Administration - Accountable for the vision, management, oversight and delivery of IT solutions

Client Support - Provides ongoing service and support related to all front-end hardware, software and related computing equipment for citywide users.  This includes first-line telephone support, in-person technical support at user department sites, tracking and reporting of all user requests.

Data Center - Maintains and enhances the City's core computing infrastructure which includes all server and storage hardware, software and equipment, all public safety systems and mission-critical applications.

Network & Communications - Provides comprehensive infrastructure and services in support of all City departments, programs and activities.  This includes telecommunications, wireless communications, radio communications, Local, Wide and Municipal Area Network services and internet communications services.  This program also includes key security initiatives to ensure the integrity and safety of citywide data and communications.

Software Solutions - Dedicated to producing products and services that increase the performance, efficiency and customer service capabilities of the organization.  This program focuses on software development for department users including research, development, and implementation of software solutions for citywide initiatives including internal business processes, business intelligence, eGov initiatives, GIS, CAD, Asset Management and supporting the City's UNITE effort.

Cable TV – Beverly Hills Television is the government cable channel for the City of Beverly Hills, on channel 10 of the Time Warner Cable system and on the web.  Since 1984, BHTV has been producing award-winning local programming that informs and educates.  Our programs offer insights into the City’s services, events and current issues with a commitment to community involvement and lifelong learning.  Our programs have won three L.A. Area Emmy awards and received six nominations.  The station has also received numerous regional and national programming awards.

Graphic Arts – Graphic Arts produces art designs, layouts, brochures, invitations, publicity material, and other printed and electronic material to support the City. 

Document Management – Document Management administers systems and solutions to support the City’s official document storage and archiving needs. 


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Information Technology
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