City Council Condemns Sen. Wiener's 'Gut and Amend' of SB592


Beverly Hills, CA (June 19, 2019) – The Beverly Hills City Council on Tuesday expressed outrage at the recent actions of State Senator Scott Wiener as he deleted all prior contents of a bill (SB592) relating to cosmetology and inserted new provisions on housing.

“In Sacramento, it’s called ‘gut and amend’ but in reality it is just another term for a bait- and-switch,” said Mayor John Mirisch.  “We oppose this in the strongest of possible terms and call on neighboring cities to condemn this deplorable behavior.”

Senator Wiener’s updated version of SB592 would distinguish that a housing development doesn’t have to be a multi-unit project to be covered by the Housing Accountability Act of 1982.  The Act is meant to make it more difficult for local governments to restrict housing projects.

“Senator Wiener recently criticized President Trump for degrading our democratic institutions,” said Councilmember Robert Wunderlich.  “By adopting these distasteful tactics, Senator Wiener is himself guilty of the same.”

“Scott Wiener once famously remarked that ‘local control isn’t biblical.’ Yet this type of sneaky, duplicitous behavior could never happen in most local governments,” added Mayor Mirisch.  “Here we have yet another textbook example of why more decisions should be made closer to home rather than by Washington and Sacramento politicians.”

During the Council discussion, Mayor Mirisch emphasized the importance of continuing to advocate for workable, community friendly solutions to housing affordability. 


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