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Current Smoking Regulations

To protect and promote public health, the City of Beverly Hills regulates smoking in accordance with both state and local regulations. On October 3, 2017, the City Council approved an ordinance that prohibits smoking in all multi-unit housing in the City. For more information about the City’s Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Ordinance, please click here

Title 5 Chapter 4 of the Beverly Hills Municipal Code regulates smoking in Beverly Hills. The smoking regulations apply to traditional tobacco smoke, electronic cigarettes/vaping devices, and marijuana smoke. California Health and Safety Code prohibits the smoking of cannabis or cannabis products in a location where smoking tobacco is prohibited. Please see a summary of all non-permitted smoking areas below.

Permitted Smoking Areas

At private smoker lounges (State law)

In designated hotel/motel areas

Within public right-of-way (sidewalks, streets, alleyways, etc.), only if actively travelling

Moving vehicles without minors

Single-family residences

Designated smoking areas of private businesses and at outdoor public events

Non-Permitted Smoking Areas

Non-Permitted Areas

On public school property (State law)

In vehicles with minors (State law)

In or within 20 feet of public buildings (State law)

In enclosed spaces at places of employment (State law)

At City parks and the Beverly Canon Gardens

In or within 20 feet of open air dining areas, unless actively travelling by

Within public right-of-way (sidewalks, streets, alleyways, etc.), unless actively travelling

Parked vehicles

At farmers markets

At public and private plazas

At outdoor public events

At outdoor service lines (ATM lines, ticket lines, etc.)

In City-owned vehicles

In multi-unit housing

Public Right of Way and Outdoor Dining Regulations

Tobacco and Vaping Regulations

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