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May 12, 2012 Budget Review Committee Council Presentation

May 13, 2013 Budget Review Committee Council Presentation

May 14, 2013 Budget Review Committee Council Presentation

May 13, 2014 Budget Review Committee Council Presentation

May 12, 2015 Budget Review Committee Council Presentation

May 12, 2016 Budget Review Committee Council Presentation



In 2009, with the consent of the City Council, City Treasurer Eliot Finkel formed the Citizens' Budget Review Committee to critically evaluate the budget process and provide ideas for creating additional revenue or spending cuts.

"Considering the magnitude of the economic crisis and the shortfall the City faces, we wanted to involve the community more directly," said City Treasurer Finkel. "Our City is privileged to have many knowledgeable and experienced residents and business people who can provide additional insight into the economic situation and the community. The City also wanted to make the budget process more transparent to our citizens."

  • The committee members are:
  • Edward Brown, Former Beverly Hills mayor and real estate professional
  • Eliot Finkel, City Treasurer and founder of Eliot Finkel Investment Counsel, LLC
  • Abner Goldstine, Senior Vice President of Capital Research and Management Co.Kathy
  • Jim Jahant, General Manager, Brooks Brothers Beverly Hills
  • Offer Nissenbaum, Managing Director, The Peninsula Beverly Hills
  • Richard S. Rosenzweig, Former Chair of the Fine Arts Commission and Vice Presiden of Playboy Enterprises
  • Joan Seidel, Former City Treasurer and President of Morton Seidel & Co. Inc
  • Dan Yukelson, CFO of Oasis West Realty LLC

In 2009, the Committee was presented with an overview of the City's budget process, culminating with a report to the City Council. 

Following this presentation, the City Council invited the committee to continue meeting on a regular basis to review the City’s revenues, expenditures and format of the City's budget.  The committee currently meets the first Wednesday of each month with more frequent meetings March - June when the budget is being prepared.  The Committee’s report on the 2010/2011 budget can be found here.


The Citizens' Budget Review Committee recently developed a short video highlighting where the City has been financially, where the City is now, and where the City is projected to be in the future.

The Citizens' Budget Review Committee recently hosted numerous community meetings.  To view the presentation that was given at these meetings, simply click here.

On June 7, 2011, the Citizens' Budget Review Committee presented to the City Council a status report, which highlighted the work they have done since 2009.  Also included were findings and recommendations related to the Fiscal Year 2011/12 budget and budget process.

To view the presentation, simply click here.

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