Rent Appeals

Rent Appeals and Certified Rent Certificates

Tenants may appeal the rent reported to the city by the landlord. Tenants and landlords may request a copy of the certified rent and appeal the certified rent.

To do so, create an account with the City's online registration system: Tenants and landlords need an email address to create an account. You will be asked for a Personal Identification Number (PIN), which you can get by calling the Rent Stabilization Department at 310-285-1031 or emailing

Click here for the registration system User Guide.

Appeal of the Rent Amount Reported to the City by the Landlord (p. 100 of the User Guide)

Every January housing providers register properties with the city and report rent amounts. The City mails tenants a Notice of Rent Amount Reported by Your Landlord to advise tenants of the rent reported by their housing provider. Tenants may appeal the reported rent amount but must do so within fifteen (15) days of the date of the mailing. If a tenant does not dispute the rent within 15 days, the rent becomes certified. 

Request Certified Rent Certificate (p. 108 of the User Guide)

Tenants or landlords may request copies of the certificate of the certified rent. The City is required to issue the certificate within five business days after a tenant or landlord requests it.

Appeal of the Certified Rent (p. 113 of the User Guide)

Landlords or tenants can appeal the certified rent amount but they must request a certified rent certificate first. They have 15 days from issuance of the certificate of the certified rent to file an appeal with the city. An appeal may be submitted if the certified rent amount is different from the monthly rent amount that is set forth on the Certificate, not including surcharges or additional contractual housing services. The grounds for an appeal of the amount set forth in the Certificate are fraud, misrepresentation, or a typographical or computational error.

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