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Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization


Pursuant to Beverly Hills Municipal Code §4-6-3, the Maximum Allowable Rent Increase for Chapter 6 tenants is calculated on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) every year for the period from May 1, of the previous year to the May 1, of the current year as calculated by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

The U.S. Department of Labor releases the numbers on June 12 of each year for that period.   The change in CPI for the Los Angeles region for the period from May 2018 to May 2019 is 3.1%. Therefore, the Chapter 6 maximum allowable rent increase is now 3.1%.

2019 Registration

Amendments to the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO), adopted by the Beverly Hills City Council in January 2017, require housing providers to register eligible rental units with the City of Beverly Hills (the City). Some information, like ownership details and number of units, is required from all registrants. In most cases, information like current rent amount is also required.

A notice was sent to housing providers on January 2, 2019. Housing providers have 30 days from receipt of the mailed notice to register. City RSO staff must confirm receipt of the notice before you can register. Receipt is confirmed when staff receives the certified mail return certificate or when you contact City RSO staff at 310-285-1031.

Failure to register may include substantial penalties, including but not limited to fines of up to $500.00 per unit.

Housing providers register online in three basic steps:

  1. Visit http://bhrent.beverlyhills.org
  2. Create an account or login with information from the previous registration period:
    • Returning Owners: enter the account email and password from 2017 registration. If you forgot the email you registered with contact the Rent Stabilization Program. If you forgot your password please follow the directions on the website.
    • New Owners: enter Assessor Identification Number (AIN) and BHRent Personal Identification Number (PIN) referenced at the top of this notice.
  3. Register Rental Units

Click below for the detailed instructions on how to register and a full user guide.


Report a Code Violation

To report a violation of the rent stabilization ordinance, please call Community Preservation (310) 285-1031.

Beverly Hills Housing Rights Legal Services Program

Bet Tzedek Legal Services, a non-profit legal aid firm, now provides free legal consultations and assistance to individuals who live in Beverly Hills and who meet financial eligibility criteria. Informational sessions are available every Monday from 10:00 am-12:00 pm at Roxbury Park Community Center located at 475 S. Roxbury Drive.  Appointments may be made by calling Bet Tzedek Legal Services at (323) 939-0506, extension 499.

For additional information, please click here. If you have questions, please call the Human Services Office in the Community Services Department at (310) 285-1006. 

L.A. County Department of Consumer & Business Affairs

For all issues not covered under the local Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization Code and for all civil or lease-related issues, please contact Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Rent Stabilization information at (213) 974-1452, or visit http://dcba.lacounty.gov/consumer-protection

Please find below Notice of Commission Vacancies: Rent Stabilization Commission:

Click here to view the document

Program Overview

The Rent Stabilization Program is responsible for administering the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance. This includes procedures on the following:

  • The rental unit registration process
  • Appeals and hearings
  • Relocation fees
  • Landlord rent adjustment applications
  • Evictions
  • FREE Mediation services

Click here for more information.

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