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Trousdale Vehicle Certification

Trousdale Workflow

  1. Prior to hauling in the Trousdale Estates, vehicles that exceed 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight GVW or 10,000 pounds GVW with 3 or more axles must be inspected. Please complete the e-Application below to initiate the vehicle inspection process. City staff will notify you as soon as the permit fees are ready to be paid online.
  2. After permit processing fees have been paid to the City of Beverly Hills, please contact Trukspect, Inc. at (626) 307-5400 or to schedule a vehicle inspection.
  3. The vehicle owner is responsible for obtaining a decal. After passing the vehicle inspection, please email the approved Trukspect inspection documentation to to obtain the issued Trousdale Vehicle Inspection Permit and associated certification decal. 
  4. The decal must be affixed to the vehicle’s driver’s side window, and the corresponding documentation (current inspection report) must be available at all times for review by any agent acting on behalf of the City. Vehicle decals and inspections are valid for one year from the approved inspection date. Annual re-inspection/certification by the City’s agent will be necessary for the decals to remain valid. New decals with new colors and numbers will be assigned to the vehicle owners after passing re-inspection.

Please review the Trousdale Construction Measures for additional information.

Online Permit Application

Questions? Call: (310) 285-1168 or Email:

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