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Upcoming Events
 THEATRE 40 and the City of Beverly Hills Community Services Department present a series of free outdoor readings in the pool area at Greystone

To reserve your free seats, call the Theatre 40 special event line at 310-364-3606.
All readings will be performed outdoors. 

WEEK 1: August 11 & 12

In 1921, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and President Warren G. Harding took a camping trip together to escape civilization. What they couldn't escape was each other. Inspired by an actual event, Camping with Henry and Tom is an exploration of friendship, politics and leadership; a comedic and dramatic clash of two great minds and one great heart of the twentieth century.

Theatre 40 Camping with Henry & Tom


WEEK 2: August 18 & 19

The play tells the story of the O'Sheas, a cash-challenged, Irish-Catholic family just trying to get through 1973. Linda O'Shea, our 19-year old narrator, is attempting to re-enact for the audience the most turbulent day of her life...but her family keeps interrupting, insisting on telling their side of the story. The 1970s was a time of old school living. No Facebook, no tweets, no texting, no Skype. A time when public ridicule in a close-knit, hermetically sealed Catholic parish was the ultimate nightmare. When Linda’s mother leaves it to Linda to tell her younger sister about the birds and the bees, the bawdy conversation is somehow overheard by the parish priest...and Father Lovett is not amused. He sets out to confront the family about "the corruption of their eldest daughter's soul."
Theatre 40 Incident at Our Lady of Perpetual Help flyer


WEEK 3: August 25 & 26

A brand new comedy by Canada’s (and Theatre 40’s) favorite playwright, Norm Foster. This is the play’s FIRST public reading. A wonderful play about birdwatching from the author of Renovations for Six, Opening Night and The Love List.

Theatre 40 They\'re Found in Trees flyer

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