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Home Ignition Zone

Research has shown that the characteristics of buildings and their immediate surroundings determine the risk of ignition during a wildfire.

That’s why preparing your home and the areas around your home, known as the Home Ignition Zone, is so important. The steps you take to reduce or change the fuels in your Home Ignition Zone could determine whether or not your house survives a wildfire.

Since you as a homeowner make decisions on the immediate surroundings of your home, you have a vital role in protecting it.

  • What is a Home Ignition Zone Assessment?
  • Who Performs the Home Assessment?
  • How Much Does a Home Evaluation Cost?
  • How Can I Make An Appointment?
A home ignition zone assessment is a review of the vulnerability of your house and landscape to wildfire and ember-ignition. During this assessment, a Fire Inspector will review defensible space and home hardening principles and make specific recommendations based on the characteristics of your property.
Assessments can be performed by Beverly Hills Fire Department or oneself with a self-assessment form. If the assessment is conducted by the fire department, a copy of the form and summary of recommendations will be provided at the end of the assessment. The homeowner is not obligated to complete the recommendations, and can ask for alternative solutions to any items identified during the assessment.
This service is provided free of charge.
To make an appointment, contact Community Risk Reduction at 310-281-2700 or email a request at .Assessments are only conducted during regular business hours based on the availability of Fire Inspectors. Homeowners or property representatives must be present during the assessment.
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