Medical Plan

The City of Beverly Hills, through contract with CalPERS, offers five health plans to qualified employees. These five plans contain three PREFERRED Provider Organizations (PPO’s) and two Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO’s).

With a PPO, employees and their dependents have the availability to either use a traditional fee-for-service approach or use a doctor within the provider network. The advantage of selecting a PPO doctor is that fees for services have been negotiated in advance, and the cost savings is shared with the employee through lower co-pays. Currently, the four plans that offer a PPO are PERSCare, PERSChoice, PERSSelect and PORAC (PORAC is available only to Police Officers and Sworn Fire personnel).

HMO offer employees a choice of health plans which have a broader range of covered benefits, with a fixed co-payment. Employees enrolled in an HMO are required to be treated by their primary care physician, and this physician coordinates all other medical care, including referrals to specialists. Except in emergencies, the plan will not cover any services obtained outside the system. The three HMO’s that the City offeres are Blue Shield Access, Blue Shield, NetValue and Kaiser.

Below are links to access the above-mentioned plans:

  • City of Beverly Hills Shield
  • City of Beverly Hills
  • 455 North Rexford Dr
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • (310) 285-1000
  • Monday-Thursday 7:30AM-5:30PM
  • Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM
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