This document lists the conditions and regulations of confinement for the Beverly Hills Police Department’s “Pay to Stay” program of which you have been previously advised.  Each inmate in this program must abide by and agree to each of these rules and conditions while in custody in this facility.  Any violation of any ONE of these rules and/or conditions may immediately disqualify the inmate from the “Pay to Stay” program, require the release of the inmate from the Jail facility, and cause all prepaid fees to be forfeited.  The Jail Supervisor or designee will provide the necessary documentation as to the incomplete sentence and the reason for removal from the program upon request from the Court.

As a participant in the Beverly Hills Police Department’s “Pay to Stay” program, I agree to the following:

  • I will report on time, as directed by the Jail Supervisor or his designee, to serve my jail sentence.

  • I am responsible for full payment of all fees incurred while enrolled in the “Pay for Stay” program, and I will make the required payments in accordance with the terms imposed by the Beverly Hills Police Department.  All payments must be made with either a cashier’s check or money order.

  • I can only have with me those items authorized in the application package, and I am not allowed to possess any other items while in-custody.

  • If I supply my own meals, I can only bring sealed, commercially pre-packaged frozen food.

  • While I will be housed in an individual cell, I will be housed in an area with other participants in the “Pay to Stay” program.

  • I will share the general area known as a “day room,” the cell block corridor, a shower facility, and telephones with other “Pay to Stay” participants.

  • As the Beverly Hills Police Department’s facility, including the Jail, is a “smoke-free” facility, I will not be permitted to smoke at any time during my confinement.

  • During my confinement, I cannot receive any incoming calls or mail. I will be permitted to use pay telephones which only allow collect calls to be made.

  • All the calls I make will be recorded.  I will advise the Jail staff if I need to speak to my attorney.

  • I will only be able to have visitation on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, during the established visiting hours.

  • As an inmate in Beverly Hills Police Department’s Jail facility, I may be assigned work assignments under the direction and supervision of the Jail staff.

  • Should I become ill or injured at any time during my confinement, I will immediately notify the on-duty Jail staff.

  • Should I require medical attention and/or hospitalization at any time during my confinement, I am responsible for the payment of all resulting medical costs and charges.

  • I will be respectful and courteous to all Jail staff, Beverly Hills Police Department personnel, and all other “Pay to Stay” participants.

  •  I will refrain from excessive use of obscene and/or offensive language.

  • I will not engage in the use of abusive, threatening or demeaning language or behavior.

  •  I will not spit anywhere in the jail facility, including my assigned cell.

  • I will not engage in loud, noisy or otherwise obnoxious behavior.

  •  I will not touch another inmate or invade the privacy of another inmate.

  • I will not bring a cell phone, blackberry, laptop, or any other electronic or telecommunication device into the Beverly Hills Police Department’s Jail facility.

  • I will pay my financial obligations on-time and in the correct amount.

  •  I will obey all orders and directives given by the Jail staff and/or Beverly Hills Police Department personnel.

  • If I violate any rule or condition listed herein, or fail to obey the orders and directives of the Jail staff and/or BHPD personnel, I can be immediately removed from the “Pay to Stay” program and Jail facility, and will forfeit all fees posted up to the date of removal.
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