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Neighborhood Slow Streets

Neighborhood Slow Street Sign 

What are Neighborhood Slow Streets?

Neighborhood Slow Streets are residential street blocks restricted to local traffic to allow for greater social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic by using the entire street width for walking, cycling or other modes of non-motorized transportation.

Neighborhood Slow Streets are not street closures and allow local traffic access for residents and their visitors, delivery vehicles, street sweeping, trash pickup and emergency vehicles. Neighborhood Slow Streets are for local residents only and are not to be used as gathering places.

The Neighborhood Slow Streets program requires a Resident Sponsor who lives on the proposed street block to nominate their street block for consideration, serve as the block sponsor in obtaining the support of their neighbors, monitor the signs and conditions on the street, and communicate with City staff.

 Slow Streets Signs

What streets are eligible?

Only local residential street blocks with a 25 MPH speed limit are eligible for consideration. Major streets (collectors and arterials) and commercially zoned streets are not eligible.


How can I nominate my street block to be designated as a Neighborhood Slow Street?

The Neighborhood Slow Street Application Form contains guidelines on how to nominate a street block.


What are the benefits of Neighborhood Slow Streets?

Neighborhood Slow Streets could assist with traffic calming by encouraging drivers to reduce speeds and provide physical distancing for more recreation space.


Will parking and resident access be affected?

There is no change to on-street parking or resident access in Neighborhood Slow Streets. Residents and their visitors, delivery vehicles, street sweeping, trash pickup and emergency vehicles will continue to be accommodated on Neighborhood Slow Streets.


What do I do if the signs fall down or are vandalized?

Reach out to the Resident Sponsor of your street block. The Resident Sponsor will be responsible for reporting issues to the City. The City will replace materials as needed.


How are Neighborhood Slow Streets enforced?

Neighborhood Slow Streets are intended to be self-enforcing. You may report issues with the operation of the Neighborhood Slow Streets to your street block’s Resident Sponsor, who will contact the City.


How can I provide feedback about the Neighborhood Slow Streets program?

Email or call the Public Works Customer Service line at (310) 285-2467.

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