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Senior & Disabled On-Demand Transportation

On Demand Transportation

The City of Beverly Hills, in partnership with Ambiance Transportation, provides on-demand transportation that complements the City’s dial-a-ride shuttle program by providing trips to senior and disabled residents on short notice, during weekend and evening hours, or to destinations outside the dial-a-ride service area.

The program is available to all Beverly Hills residents age 62 or older, and to those with documented evidence of a disability.

Participants may purchase $24 of fare credits for $6 in any calendar month. Fare credits expire on June 30 of each year. Travel is allowed to and from locations within 10 miles of the borders of the City of Beverly Hills.

Trip requests that cannot be fulfilled by Ambiance within 20 minutes will be dispatched to Lyft.

For information on other transit options for seniors and disabled riders, including Beverly Hills Dial-A-Ride, MTA bus passes, and curb-to-curb transportation from Access Services Inc., please click here

Questions or Comments?

Please contact (310) 981-9318 for questions or comments about the Beverly Hills On-Demand Transportation Program.

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