Mini Parks

Other City parks offer passive settings, art sculptures, playgrounds and fountains. To see a map of all the Mini Parks in Beverly Hills, visit the City Parks webpage.

Mini Park Rules

Hours: 8am - Dusk

Dogs must be kept on maximum six-foot leash at all times and owner shall be respondible for cleaning up after dog; subject to maximum fine of $500 or one year in jail.
B.H.M.C. 5 -- 2.202

Per B.H.M.C. 8 -- 1.03; 8 -- 1.04; 8 -- 1.07, the following are prohibited in this park:

  • Possession of alcoholic beverages, smoking and narcotics
  • Children's use of play equipment or presence near any water feature without recommended adult supervision
  • Unauthorized use of the water feature such as wading, washing or playing within
  • Bicycle, skateboard, scooter or skate riding
  • Amplified sounds
  • Use of barbeque, grill, hibachi, smoker, open fire or generator
  • Projectiles, sports equipment, land or air remote controlled vehicles
  • Use of folding tables or chairs
  • Vendors, caterers, entertainers or animal attractions
  • Hanging or posting of items such as pinatas, balloons, signs, etc. on trees or walls