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March 2017

Santa Monica Boulevard Reconstruction Activities


The project began on Tuesday, January 17 (original start date delayed from January 11, 2017, due to inclement weather). Construction started on the western segment, from Wilshire Boulevard to Rodeo Drive. 

1) Construction Activities within the work zone

The first phase of construction (Phase A) occupies the Northern side of the Boulevard (Westbound) between Wilshire Blvd. and Rodeo Dr.  Phase A work is approximately 50 calendar days and involves the following activities: 

  • Removal of existing curb and gutter, curb ramps, sidewalks, driveways, cross-gutters,  irrigation, catch basins, asphaltic concrete pavement, street light poles and foundations and signal foundations
  • Installation of new underground utilities, associated storm drain laterals and main lines, electrical infrastructure (conduits, pull boxes etc.) as well as fiber optic and traffic signal conduits and pull boxes
  • Construction of a new Vegetated bio-swale with associated landscape improvements

This work requires the contractor to occupy an 18-foot wide working area adjacent the northern curb.  To accommodate this work zone, NSMB has been restriped to delineate the work zone and create two westbound and two eastbound lanes by eliminating the left turn median between Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive.

TIME: 8am – 6pm (Monday - Friday)
WHEN: 01/31/17 (and will last approximately 7 weeks)
WHERE: Between Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive 

Purple Line Extension Construction Activities



1) Sound wall installation at Wilshire/Gale and Wilshire/La Cienega staging yards

This work will occur inside the staging yards located at the corners of Wilshire/La Cienega and Wilshire/Gale. Once this work is completed, sound walls will be built to enclose both staging yards to mitigate construction related noise. Prior to constructing the noise mitigation sound walls, it is necessary to clear existing utilities and remove any underground obstructions.

Work is anticipated to be completed by March 31, 2017, and work hours will be Monday thru Friday from 7am - 4pm.

2) La Cienega Pre-Piling and Pot Holing

Starting Monday, February 6th thru March 2017, pre-piling and pot holing activities will occur in the Wilshire Blvd./La Cienega Blvd. area. Construction activities include saw cutting, pot holing, geotechnical instrumentation work, and closure maintenance.  Work will mainly occur behind the k-rail on the south side of Wilshire Blvd.  Work will extend outside of the work zone under intermittent closures of side streets, sidewalks on Wilshire Blvd. and La Cienega Blvd.

Work hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-4pm.

Sidewalk work may occur at night, from 8pm-7am or on weekends from 8am-6pm or 6pm-8am.  

Abandoned bus stops as a result of traffic control set-up will be moved to the bus stops at Wilshire Blvd./ La Jolla Ave. and Wilshire Blvd./ Stanley Ave.

Link to Metro Construction Notice:  https://www.metro.net/projects/notices/notice_purpleline_020217B/

3) Pre-Piling Activities at Wilshire/La Cienega

Starting Wednesday, March 1 to Friday, March 31, pre-piling work will occur on S. Gale Dr. and S. Hamilton Dr. and will require intermittent closures of these streets at Wilshire Blvd. The closures are necessary to safely perform this operation. Work will proceed from east to west, starting on S. Gale Dr. followed by S. Hamilton Dr.  Piling operations will follow at these locations in coming months, after advance construction notification. This work will involve the following traffic control measures:

  • S. Gale Dr. and S. Hamilton Dr. closed intermittently at Wilshire Blvd. on the south side, partial and full closures on weekdays from 7am - 10pm, and on weekends from 7am - 4pm and 6pm - 8am.
  • Sidewalks on the south side of Wilshire Blvd. between Gale Dr. and Hamilton Dr. will be closed intermittently on weekdays from 7am - 4pm and 8pm - 7am, and on weekends from 7am - 4pm and  6pm - 8am. These closures will be coordinated with events at The Saban Theatre.
  • Driveway access for US Renal Care will be maintained at Wilshire Blvd. when possible, or flagger will assist traffic at driveway on S. Gale Dr.
  • Crosswalk on the south leg of Wilshire Blvd./S. Gale Dr. will be closed intermittently, and remain open when possible. 

Note: Additional construction notices will be published with further details prior to start of major activities. 

Link to Metro Construction Notice:  https://www.metro.net/projects/notices/notice_purpleline_022417B/

4) Wilshire/La Cienega Piling

Starting mid-March, through July 2017, pile work will begin on the south side of Wilshire Blvd.  between La Cienega Blvd. and San Vicente Blvd. 

Activities will include:

  • Saw cutting, potholing and pile installation to support excavation for the future subway station.

Street and sidewalk closures will include:

  • Weekend lane closures on Wilshire Blvd. and La Cienega Blvd. to support piling 
  • Intermittent closures of S.Gale Dr. and S. Hamilton Dr. on the south side of Wilshire Blvd.
  • Nighttime lane reductions for eastbound Wilshire Blvd. between La Cienega Blvd. and San Vicente Blvd. for steel delivery
  • Intermittent lane closures in the area
  • Intermittent sidewalk closures between La Cienega Blvd. and San Vicente Blvd.
  • Temporary traffic signal shutdowns with traffic officer support
  • Local access from southbound San Vicente and northbound Gregory Way will remain

Schedule of Work Activities:

  • Pile Installation Drilling: 7am-8pm
  • Support activities (concrete pours, closure maintenance, deliveries,  backfill of holes and trenches): 8pm-10pm

Link to Metro Construction Notice:  https://www.metro.net/projects/notices/notice_purplineline_030317/

5) AM/PM Utility Relocation Work at Wilshire/La Cienega

Advanced utility relocation work will continue during the week and over the weekend along the north side of Wilshire Blvd., and on La Cienega Blvd. north of Wilshire Blvd. through March 27th. 

Work will occur along the north side of Wilshire Blvd. between La Cienega Blvd. and Le Doux Rd., and on La Cienega Blvd. just north of Wilshire Blvd. This work will consist of accessing the vaults for cable pulling activities.

See intermittent lane reductions and sidewalk impacts below:

Wilshire Blvd.: One lane will remain open westbound between La Cienega Blvd and Le Doux Road
La Cienega Blvd.: Reduced to 2 lanes north of Wilshire Blvd. to Clifton Way, with a partial sidewalk closure adjacent to the La Cienega staging yard.

Work hours and dates

  • Monday, 3/20 at 8pm to Tuesday, 3/21 at 7am
  • Tuesday, 3/21 at 8pm to Wednesday, 3/22 at 7am
  • Wednesday, 3/22 at 10pm to Thursday, 3/23 at 7am
  • Thursday, 3/23 at 11pm to Friday, 3/24 at 7am
  • Friday, 3/24 at 11pm to Saturday, 3/25 at 7am
  • Saturday, 3/25 at 7am-8pm and 8pm-7am Sunday, 3/26
  • Sunday, 3/26 at 7am - 1pm
  • Sunday, 3/26 at 8pm to 7am Monday, 3/27

Link to Metro Construction Notice: https://www.metro.net/projects/notices/notice_purpleline_020617A/


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