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Water Leak Detection

If the leak indicator is flashing or is continuously on, your E-Coder smart meter is indicating that a possible leak may exist. Leaks can result from various circumstances.  To better help you identify a possible leak, the following table contains some common causes of leak problems that can occur:

Possible Cause of Leak

Intermittent Leak

Continuous Leak

Outside faucet, garden or sprinkler system leaking

Toilet valve not sealed properly

Toilet running


Faucet in kitchen or bathrooms leaking

Ice-maker leaking


Soaker hose in use


Leak between the water meter and the house


Washing machine leaking

Dishwasher leaking

Hot water heater leaking


Watering yard for more than eight hours

Continuous pet feeder


Water-cooled air conditioner or heat pump

Filling a swimming pool

Any continuous use of water for 24 hours

The following checklist can be helpful if the E-Coder leak indicator shows a possible leak: 

    •    Check all faucets for possible leaks. 
    •    Check all toilets and toilet valves.
    •    Check the ice maker and water dispenser. 
    •    Check the yard and surrounding grounds for a wet spot or indication of a pipe leaking.