•  Upgrade old devices and appliances to new, water-wise equipment. Rebates are available for approved devices.
•  Serve water to guests only when requested.
•  Wash only full loads of clothes and dishes.
•  Check faucets for leaks and repair immediately.




Your yard and landscaping consume a large portion of your home’s total water use. Here are a number of ways to use less water.


•  Check your sprinkler system for leaks, overspray or broken sprinkler heads and repair immediately.
•  Water in the early morning to minimize evaporation.
•  Convert your lawn to a water-wise landscape. Rebates are available to help pay for the conversion.
•  Reduce landscape watering times and follow the mandatory two-day watering schedule.
•  Learn how to turn off your automatic watering system in case of rain or malfunctions.
•  Install water-wise plants that thrive in Beverly Hills. There are many beautiful varieties that you can work with to convert your lawn to a more water-efficient landscape.  For more information on drought-tolerant landscaping Visit the Los Angeles Coastal Cities Water Wise Gardening website and/or check out our Beverly Hills Garden Book.




Upgrade your old toilets or urinals to water efficient devices and receive a rebate. The City offers free aerators for bathroom and kitchen sinks, as well as low flow showerheads.  For more information, please the City’s Water Conservation Administrator, Debby Figoni at 310-285-2492 or

Examples of some of the rebates and subsidies under the expanded rebate programs include:
  • Zero and Ultra-Low Retrofit Urinal - rebate up from $200 to $500 for commercial properties.

Additional Resources

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