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NEXT Human Relations Commission Regular Meeting

Thursday, March 16, 9 am., City Hall, Room 280A, 455 Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills

The Human Relations Commission invites all tenants and landlords to come together to share ideas and concerns regarding the recently enacted Urgency Ordinance amending the Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization Municipal Code.



 For more information on Code Compliance go to: Rent Control Tenant and Landlord Information page.  


The Amended Rent Stabilization and Urgency Ordinance was adopted by City Council on February 21, 2017.  The Urgency Ordinance immediately institutes three major changes to the Municipal Code.

It limits tenant rent increases from a maximum of 10% annually to a maximum of 3% annually.  Landlords may go through an administrative appeals process to establish a different rent increase.

It requires a payment of a relocation fee for Chapter 6 tenants from a range of $6,193  to $12, 394 with the issuance of a 60-day no-cause termination notice.  An additional $2,000 would apply to senior, disabled or minor tenants. The updated relocation fees also apply to Chapter 5 tenants.

It requires a registration of tenancy.

To view or download the Urgency Ordinance:  Rent Stabilization and Urgency Ordinance


A press release was submitted to local media about the adoption of the Urgency Ordinance and about the call for public input at Human Relations Commission Special Meeting. 

Click here to see press releases:

Letters about the January 25, 2017 Urgency Ordinance were sent to all tenant and landlords.  For copy of letter, click here: Letter to Tenants, Property Owners and Concerned Members of the Community

Note:  The Urgency Ordinance was revised on February 21, 2017.


The primary mission of the Code Compliance program is the enforcement of a variety of State, County, and City codes, ordinances and resolutions in the most efficient or equitable manner possible. Important contact numbers:

  • Report a Code Violation: (310) 285-1119
  • Rent Stabilization Regulations: (310) 285-1119
  • Recorded Chapter 5 Tenant Rent Increase Information: (310) 285-1031
  • Animal Complaints or Inquiries: (310) 285-1119 or (310) 285-PETS (7387)

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