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Living Senior Programs and Events Senior/Active Adult Classes
Senior/Active Adult Classes

Senior classes meet year round, unless otherwise noted, and are offered on a drop-in basis.  All fees should be paid directly to the instructor. Classes are offered at the following locations:

Roxbury Community Center (RX) 471 S. Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212  310.285.6840
Beverly Hills Public Library (BHPL) 444 N. Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills 310.288.2220
La Cienega Community Center (LCCC) 8400 Gregory Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90211  310.285.6810

ACTING FOR SENIORS with Steven Polinsky  
Express your talent and personality with simple acting exercises, theater games, monologues and short scene study.
Fridays         1pm-3pm        RX Magnolia 130     $1/$2

Every second and fourth Friday of the month.
Friday          1pm-2:30pm   RX Multipurpose B            $0.25 per card 

BRAIN FITNESS with Cynthia Harper
Work on stimulating the brain through a variety of puzzles, games, brain teasers and more.  Improve memory and stretch your mind.  The class will entertain your brain and improve your spirits and your brain health!
Thursdays      10-11am     RX Magnolia 129    $1/$2


Build balance, confidence and strength through a variety of exercises.  Class will include standing and seated exercise. Relieve stress and walk tall!
Wednesdays  10am-11am     RX Exercise Studio   $1/$2
Thursdays     11am-12pm        RX Exercise Studio   $1/$2

CREATIVE WRITING with Ilse Nusbaum
The world is full of stories. Hone the art of writing them in poetry and prose under the direction of an experienced teacher and published author.

Thursdays    10:30pm-12:00pm    RX Magnolia 130    $1/$2     

COMPUTER LAB with Phil Seelig 
Open Computer Lab for Beverly Hills Active Adult Club Members. Must show BHAAC Membership Card.
Tuesdays/Thursdays    12pm-1pm    RX Centenial   Free

CURRENT EVENTS with Margot Reiner
A discussion of world events for senior adults. Participants consider and discuss important topical subjects.

Tuesdays    1pm-3pm    BHPL   $1/$2   

FOLK AND LINE DANCE with Beverly Barr
Put your best foot forward and join the fun in the folk and line dance class for senior adults. Wear comfortable shoes.

Tuesdays     11:30am-1pm    RX Multipurpose Room A  $1/$2        

Come join our knit and crochet group taught by senior experts. A special group meets every Wednesday to knit and decorate items for various charities.

Wednesdays    1pm-3pm    RX Magnolia 130   Free       

LAWN BOWLING with Bill Wolff
The Beverly Hills Lawn Bowling Club at Roxbury Park invites you to learn how to play this enjoyable and historical social game.  Contact club president, Bill Wolff, directly for more information regarding membership 323.403.6346.
Thursdays       12:30pm-2pm    RX Lawn Bowling Green     Free 

Free movies shown on the big screen at La Cienega Community Center every week! See the current schedule here.
Wednesdays  1pm LCCC Auditorium Free

MOVE! GROOVE! & STRETCH! with Cynthia Harper
Enjoy moving, dancing and stretching to fun music in creative ways that will put a smile on your face! This aerobics class is for everyone of all fitness levels.  
Mondays and Wednsdays 8:30-9:30am  LCCC Auditorium   $1/$2
Tuesdays/Thursdays 9-10am   RX Multipurpose Room B  $1/$2 

Turn Back the Clock by Mudwalking! Learn this ancient Chinese exercise prized for its ability to revitalize both your body and mind. Walking for Vitality+Rejuvenation+Longevity. All fitness levels welcome!
Tuesdays     10:30am-11:30am     RX Magnolia 130   Free
Sundays       9:30am-10:30am       RX putting green   Free

MULTI-MEDIA ART CLASS with Howard Marshall
This class stresses using your imagination and being creative. Create note cards, collages, paintings or drawings. Bring your own supplies.

Fridays    9:30am-11am    RX Redwood   $2/$3    

MUSIC MENDS MINDS with Myra Lurie 
Are you or a loved one living with dementia Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or cognitive decline? Come make music with us! The City of Beverly Hills and Rotary Club of Beverly Hills are looking for musicians, singers, and volunteers. NOTE: Caregiver must be present.
Tuesdays    1:30pm-3pm    RX Multipurpose Room B   Free

Learn to fold a simple sheet of paper into a beautiful crane. Beginners and experienced folders welcome.

4th Sunday of each month    1pm-4pm    RX Redwood  Free

ROXBURY REELS with Donald Butler
Don’t miss this opportunity to see your favorite films on the big screen. Please arrive early. Bring your popcorn or favorite snack. See the current schedule here.

Thursdays    1pm-3:30pm     RX Multipurpose Room  Free

Learn to draw using different mediums; pencil, pastel, conte, crayon, water color pencils, colored background and highlights.  Learn at your own pace! Discover the sketcher inside of you! Please bring #4B pencil and paper.
Tuesdays   1-2:30pm   RX Magnolia 129  Free

SENIOR SIZZLE with Cynthia Harper
Learn to exercise through dance movements and have a great time!
Mondays      10am-11am       RX Exercise Studio    $1/$2

STRETCH & TONE with Perdita Chan-Rouse
A fitness program specially designed for senior adults.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday    9am-10am    RX Multipurpose Room B $1/$2    

Enjoy a game of table tennis at Roxbury Park. A lifelong sport for all ages.
Tuesday-Friday    12:30pm-2:30pm    RX Elm   Free    

VITAL MOVEMENT with Perdita Chan-Rouse

Enjoy gentle exercise while seated in a chair.  Experience well-being and vitality from this mild workout set to music and designed for seniors with limited mobility.

Friday    10:15am-11:15am    RX Multipurpose Room B  $1/$2    


COMPUTER FOR SENIORS (55 yrs and above) with Phil Seelig
Beginning students will learn basic computer operations including: mouse skills, commands, how to create and find documents, accessories and much more. If you are up for something more challenging, you can try the Level II class where you’ll add to your knowledge with Internet, E mail, troubleshooting and a review of  MS Office. Teacher makes all the hand-outs. Space is extremely limited.

Beginner Level I
#2735    Tue/Thu        10-10:50am          1/7 - 3/4     $31/$38   RX Centennial 

#3224    Tue/Thu        10-10:50am          3/26- 5/16  $28/$35   RX Centennial 

Beginner Level II
#2736    Tue/Thu        11-11:50am          1/7 - 3/4      $31/$38   RX Centennial 

#3224    Tue/Thu        11-11:50am          3/26- 5/16   $28/$35   RX Centennial 

GET UP & DANCE! with Cynthia & James
Learn how to dance and gain confidence in a variety of social dances so you;ll be ready to dance at any event, party, or even on a cruise! Step by step instruction provided in a variety of dancy styles including swing, salsa, tango, waltz, and more.  Partners encouraged but not required.

#2733    Thursday     1:15-2pm          1/10-3/7      $27/$34    RX Excercise Studio

#3226    Thursday     1:15-2pm          3/28-5/16    $24/$30    RX Excercise Studio

THE BODY LAB:  SHAPE UP with Cynthia Harper
This unique workout is a full-body experience of movement, core conditioning, and balance work to improve flexibility and boost stamina.  Will shape, lean, and elongate muscles, and help improve coordination and enhance posture.  The emphasis is on fun fitness in this low-impact class for all fitness levels and will challenge all major muscle groups.

#2732    Wednesday   11-11:45am      1/9 - 3/6      $27/$34   RX Excercise Studio

#3227    Wednesday   11-11:45am      3/27-5/15    $24/$30   RX Excercise Studio

VITALITY YOGA with Leslie Kazadi
Improve your balance, strength and flexibility with yoga. All levels are welcome in this class led by a certified yoga therapist with experience in yoga research for older adults. Be ready to laugh more and stress less.  Requirement: You must be able to get up and down from the floor unassisted safely to attend this class.  Bring your own mat.

#2737    Tuesday      11:30-1pm          1/8- 3/5         $36/$45    RX Multipurpose Room B
#2341    Thursday     11-12:30pm       1/10- 3/7        $36/$45    RX Multipurpose Room B
#3228    Tuesday      11:30-1pm          3/26- 5/14      $30/$38   RX Multipurpose Room B
#3229    Thursday     11-12:30pm        3/28- 5/16      $30/$38   RX Multipurpose Room B
YOGA with Perdita Chan-Rouse
This class offers gentle yoga, stretching, toning, loosening, deep breathing, relaxation and meditation designed for persons 55 years and older.   

#2734     Saturday     9:30-10:20am        1/12 -3/9       $20/ $25       RX Exercise Studio

#2731     Monday      10:30-11:20am       1/7 -3/4       $21/ $28      RX  Multipurpose Room B 

WALK THIS WAY with Leslie Kazadi
Walk your way into better posture, balance, strength & flexibility.  Joint by joint and step by step, learn seated, standing, and movement exercises that will have you walking into wellness.  All abilities are welcome.   

#2944     Wednesday      1-2pm               1/9 - 3/6            $36/$45       RX Exercise Studio