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for at least five (5) years. 1-2. The City requires that the Respondent(s) possess a working knowledge of setting up large and small public special events. 1-3. Respondents must have experience providing set-up services for large special events
Special Notice Korean
September 18, 2014 Fine Art Commission Regular Meeting
presented the Commissioners with information on an event that grew out of the Arts Of Palm project; palm trees on the Burton Way median will be wrapped up in colorful knitting garments for trees in what is called yarn bombing. F. The Friends
Beverly Hills Awarded California Park and Recreation Society's "Best of the Best"
California Park & Recreation Society’s “Best of the Best” Beverly Hills, CA – The City of Beverly Hills has won a prestigious “Best of the Best” award from the California Park & Recreation Society for its highly successful Woofstock 90210 event
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/6786--Community Services award.pdf
Mayors Cabinet Meeting Highlights - Wednesday July 23, 2014
that this meeting is intended to exchange information on commission activities; no official actions are taken. REPORTS FROM COMMISSIONERS Charitable Solicitations Commission – Chair Lillian Raffel The commission reviewed 12 event requests, which were
Statement of Uncontroverted Facts
oil wells at BHHS. AR29807, 29809. B. Metro had not identified the means and methods of addressing abandoned wells within and near the tunneling alignment. AR29809. C. Metro had not identified alternatives to tunneling beneath BHHS in the event
November 24, 2014
progress of the Work since last meeting, including status of submittals for approval. 3. Identify problems which impede planned progress. 4. Develop corrective measures and procedures to regain planned schedule. 5. Complete other current business
Teen Activities - Fall 2014 Brochure
310.285.6823. TEEN VOLUNTEER MOVEMENT Join the Teen Volunteer Movement and make a difference by volunteering to help various non-profit organizations and City events this fall. Volunteer hours earned meet the requirements for the Beverly Hills Unified School
CSC Financial Statement
City of Beverly Hills Police Department PERMIT NUMBER: ____________ Charitable Solicitations Commission 464 North Rexford Drive Event Category (Choose One): Monetary Drive _____ Beverly Hills, CA 90210-4818 solicitationpermits@beverlyhills.org
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