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Exhibit D

the percentage based on the type of event and the schedule of the production (i.e. a Tier 1, Opening night, Tier 1 regular performance, Tier 1 Matinee, and so on through the various Tiers of events). D. The Center shall deliver to the City, at least 20
FAQ - How can an artist participate in the Beverly Hills artSHOW?

Artists should complete an application, which is located on the following link: Art Show Brochure and Application. If you need more information contact Karen McLean at 310.285.6830.
City of Beverly Hills Installation Ceremony

Installation Ceremony of the Mayor and City Council

Installation Ceremony of the Mayor and City Council Installation Ceremony of the Mayor and City Council will be held at the Academy for Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills. The meeting is open to the public, and is free.
http://www.beverlyhills.org/event.jsp?eventid=0&title=Installation Ceremony of the Mayor and City Council
May 2015 map of the artSHOW

1 Art Show Spring 2015 Map (2)_yellow 1B_ArtistMap_4Pages-1_yellow 1B_ArtistMap_4Pages-2_yellow 1B_ArtistMap_4Pages-3_yellow 1B_ArtistMap_4Pages-4_yellow
FAQ - How far in advance do I contact you if I want to cancel my reservation?

Notice of cancellation of an approved event must be provided in writing. Cancellation notice must be submitted no later than fourteen (14) business days prior to the event date or else all fees shall be forfeited. A service fee of one hour
Centennial Time Capsule Dedication

Centennial Time Capsule Dedication You are cordially invited to the final event for the Beverly Hills Centennial Celebration. Join us for a Time Capsule Dedication on Sunday, 1/25/15 from 2- 3 p.m. at Will Rogers Park. The event will continue rain
http://www.beverlyhills.org/event.jsp?eventid=0&title=Centennial Time Capsule Dedication
Westside COG Agenda - September 18, 2014

Team B. Tourism/Economic Development a. WSCCOG Tourism Goals and Convention & Visitors Bureaus Meeting 1 6. ACTION ITEMS A. Appointment of Art Ida as the WSCCOG Representative to Westside/Central Service Council B. WSCCOG
Beverly Hilton Specific Plan

of Community Development pursuant to the provisions of Section 4.3 below, to accommodate 2,183 parking spaces, and 8) construction of approximately 142,799 square feet of landscaped gardens and pedestrian areas, excluding rooftops, with public art in certain
Greystone Show House

Click on this link for Luxe Magazine coverage of the 2015 event. For more information on future Greystone Showcase House, call 310.285.6830.
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