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EOP 2013 Operations Section Supporting Materials

available channels have been designated Fire White #1, #2, and #3. All three white channels are designated by the Federal Communications Commission as Intersystem channels and are intended solely for inter-agency fire operations, i.e. for mutual aid.
FY2013-14 Budget in Brief

officials, departments, boards, and commissions in the conduct of City business; to represent the City before judicial and administrative proceedings; and to prosecute Municipal Code violations occurring in the City. Department Personnel FY 2011/12
Previous MOU with Track Changes (Confidential Employees)

leave each year (for a total of 87 hours per year) in recognition of the additional time they spend taking minutes after regular hours at commission or board meetings: Executive Assistant I - Community Development, Executive Assistant I - City
Proposed Final Version (Confidential Employees)

hours at commission or board meetings: Executive Assistant I - Community Development, Executive Assistant I - City Clerk Executive Assistant II - Community Services, City Clerk Specialist and Executive Assistant III’s. Confidential employees
Urban Water Management Plan 2005

CITY OF BEVERLY HILLS 2005 URBAN WATER MANAGEMENT PLAN CITY OF BEVERLY HILLS 2005 URBAN WATER MANAGEMENT PLAN Mayor Linda J. Briskman Vice Mayor Stephen P. Webb City Council Jimmy Delshad Frank M. Fenton Barry Br
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/3503--2005 Urban Water Management Plan.pdf
IFB C1056 - WSE Project - Advanced Utility Relocations (La Cienega Station) FINAL

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Westside Subway Extension Project Advanced Utility Relocations (La Cienega Station) IFB NO. C1056 ISSUED: 02/21/14 This page is intentionally blank IFB NO. C1056 Westside Subway Extensi
FY 2003-04 Budget

government’s outcomes, and we rely a great deal on feedback from the public. For that reason, a sizeable portion of Beverly Hills’ budget supports an active public participation program - eight City Commissions, Team Beverly Hills, a broad General Plan
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/2505--FY 2003-04 Budget.pdf
Gateway FEIR Volume 2

require Planning Commission approval of a Design Review Permit and Development Plan Review Permit. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS AFFECTED The environmental factors checked below would be potentially affected by this project, involving at least one impact
Draft 2014-2021 Housing Element Appendix C

City of Beverly Hills General Plan 2014-2021 Draft Housing Element Update C-1| P a g e Appendix C: Housing Resources A. Sites Inventory ..................................................................................... C-2 1. Data Sources and B
Beverly Hills/Metro Agreement for Utility Relocation Construction Mitigation

of this Agreement. Indirect Costs shall be computed based upon the maximum rates allowable under federal and/or state law. Unless the Internal Revenue Service or the California Public Utilities Commission issue regulations or rulings to the contrary, reimbursable
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