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Mayor's Cabinet Meeting Highlights - Monday, May 21, 2014

On May 6, the City Council unanimously passed a resolution condemning the government of Brunei for laws that impose extremely harsh penalties, including death by stoning for homosexuality and adultery. The resolution does not call for a boycott
Draft Zoning Code Reorganization - July 11, 2013 Presentation

and enforcement.  Clear rules in the 800 Series can govern citywide any specific instance that might arise.  Simplify references to numbers: spell out numbers less than ten; only use Arabic numbers for 10 or more (11, 121, 10,000, etc.).  Strive
IFB C1056 Amendment No 3 Cover Letter - 4-3-14

Acknowledge receipt of this Amendment by inserting its number and date on the Bid Letter (Pro Form 052) of the Contract Documents. This Amendment forms a part of the Contract Documents and, with respect to the Contract Documents, this Amendment shall govern
03-12-15 Meeting Minutes

of the hardware and program is governed by Public Works. Regarding Item No. 63, Ms. Rhay stated a report covering the feasibility of investing in and keeping the plant running and providing information is on hold until the Commission is ready. 4. Reports from
Older Adult Provider Directory

Cedars-Sinai Gabriela Flores Associate Director of Government and Industry Relations floresmg@cshs.org 310-423-2083 Cedars-Sinai Gail Millan MN, RN-BC, Education Program Coordinator Gail.Millan@cshs.org 310-423-3044 Cedars-Sinai Gregory Eichelzer MSN, RN,
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by Steve Sheinkin Roaring Brook Press, 2015, ISBN: 9781596439528 From the Oval Office to the editor’s office of the New York Times, Sheinkin tells a gripping tale of government secrecy and manipulation that is still relevant today. The Night
Prequalification Package

the appeal procedure. 3 Public Contract Code section 20101(e) exempts from this requirement a contractor who has qualified as a small business pursuant to Government Code section 14837(d)(1), if the bid is “no more than 25 per cent of the qualifying
Prequalification Package

million and available bonding capacity for this project of at least $1.5 million ................................... Yes No 4. Modernized three or more building elevator projects for governmental (Federal, State or local) or university
Prequalification Package

...................................... Yes No 4. Completed three or more building projects with Historic requirements for governmental (Federal, State or local) or university agencies considered public sector 5 clients
Prequalification Package

three or more building projects with Historic requirements for governmental (Federal, State or local) or university agencies considered public sector 5 clients .......................................................... Yes No 5.
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