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Appendix D- Revision 1

documentation List all owners, officers, partners, members and stockholders with at least 5% ownership interest or voting control of the organization/firm, including any silent partners/investors. Attach a copy of US or California government-issued photo
Appendix D- Revision 2

of US or California government-issued photo identification for each person named. Attach additional sheets as necessary. Name Title SSN DL# %Ownership Name Title SSN DL# %Ownership Name Title SSN DL# %Ownership Name Title SSN
RFP Appensix D Revision 3

DL# %Ownership Name Title SSN DL# %Ownership List all management personnel, including board members. Attach copy of US or California government-issued photo identification for each person named. Attach additional sheets as necessary.
Parcels 12 & 13

& 13. Rincon Consultants, Inc. - Map of locations of shallow soil and off-site samples PCR Services - Report on air sampling taken around Parcels 12 & 13. PowerPoint - Presentation from Jan. 5, 2016 City Council meeting West Coast Arborists
4-09-13 PC Minutes

REPORTS None. COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE COMMISSION None. COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (Assistant Director of Community Development Jonathan Lait) • The City Council Study Session on April 11, 2013 will have a tour/site visit
10-24-13 PC Minutes

on the following items: o The evening’s upcoming meeting on the Central Area Single-Family Home Bulk and Mass study. o City Council’s decision regarding the Gateway project. o An upcoming City Council liaison meeting, including requested agenda items. Page
2013-11-07 Blue Ribbon Committee Meeting Presentation

and provide conceptual design recommendations to the City Council for the Santa Monica Boulevard Reconstruction Project • Traffic & Parking Commission to address construction traffic mitigation 6 Blue Ribbon Committee Assignment Complete Streets
Emergency Water Conservation Regulations for Hotels

instituted outdoor water regulations • Sept. 2014: City Council declares Stage B (10%) of Emergency Water Conservation Program • April 2015: Gov. Jerry Brown issues mandatory statewide water restrictions – $10,000 per day for non-compliance
June 18, 2015

evening through August. - The Special Olympics, being hosted by the City of Beverly Hills, is looking for volunteers. - The Ambassador Program was approved at the June 8th City Council Meeting in addition to the city’s budget. Tab 3. 2015 EMBRACE
Community Outreach Introduction 4-11-2012

 Collaborative effort between Ad Hoc Committee and community  Feasibility Study • Fehr & Peers Transportation Consultants  City Council Study Session PILOT BICYCLE ROUTES 04/11/2012 PROPOSED PILOT
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