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Youth in Government Day

chambers at City Hall. Tune in for live coverage as the students discuss a local matter and review the issues in a traditional public meeting format designed to bring awareness of the importance of being involved in your local government. BHTV10 Replays:
Protected Trees

California Sycamore Populus fremontii Fremont Cottonwood Populus trichocarpa Black Cottonwood Quercus agrifolia Coast Live Oak Quercus douglasii Blue Oak Quercus engelmannii
Our Founding Mothers

into the challenges faced by their husbands, as well as the often overlooked contributions of these essential founding mothers. As Martha Washington, living biographer Mary Wiseman brings 30 years of interpretive experience to highlight the life of George Washington’s
Romancing the Dog by Marion Zola

of children. And, like all pets, he enlarges and enriches their lives in ways they never expected – bringing new friends into it and teaching them lessons about the special bond between people and their animal companions.
Beverly Hills Days

of your life in Beverly Hills. We are asking for all of you who live, work and enjoy Beverly Hills to submit your own photographic images of the people, places and things in Beverly Hills that makes the City mean so much to you. The submitted images
Dangerstoppers: Every 15 Mins.

program challenged students to think about drinking, texting while driving, personal safety, and the responsibility of making mature decisions when lives are involved.
Chapter 5 Code

95.234/CA/Bcvcrly%2OHiIls/dochar.htrn 8/27/20(8 Page 11 of 27 hearing officer at the hearing on the matter. In order for the hearing officer to reconsider a decision pursuant to this subsection C: 1. A written request for reconsideration must be filed with the department
Title 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 3: CODE VIOLATIONS Article 3. Administrative Penalties 1-3-325: Failure To Comply With Administrative Order

Sterling Codifiers, Inc. 1-3-325: FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER: Failure to comply with an administrative order after it becomes final is a misdemeanor. Filing a criminal misdemeanor action does not preclude
Title 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 4: APPEAL AND REVIEW PROCEDURES Article 1. Appeal Of Administrative Decisions To Council 1-4-104: Stays Pending Appeals

Sterling Codifiers, Inc. 1-4-104: STAYS PENDING APPEALS: Upon the filing of an appeal petition, the effectiveness of any permit, entitlement to use, or other right granted by the decision appealed from shall be stayed pending
#Metro Update: the City and #BeverlyHills School District File Summary Judgment...

#Metro Update: the City and #BeverlyHills School District File Summary Judgment Motions against the Federal Transit Authority (FTA). #subway Purple Line Extension Project History www.beverlyhills.org The�City of Beverly Hills and the City
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