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6-7-12 DRC Minutes

proportion, and utilizing a simple molding at the top. > Consider removing the horizontal banding along the façade. It is too heavy and thick and is a distraction from the house. > The landscape plan needs to be clarified and easier to read with consistency
Sample Contract

single limit, covering any vehicle utilized by CONTRACTOR in performing the Scope of Work required by this Agreement. (3) Workers' compensation insurance as required by the State of California. (4) Professional Liability Insurance. A policy
Form 460, Preelection & Semi-annual Statement 03/05/2013 - 04/08/2013

(legal, accounting) VOT voter registration LIT campaign literature and mailings PRT print ads WEB information technology costs (internet, e-mail) (IFCOMMFTTEEALSOENTERID NUMBER) CODE OR DESCRIPTION OF PAYMENT AMOUNT PAID Colornet Press Utilities Flyer
FY2014-15 Budget Introduction - Proposed

bonds supported by user charges established by City Council action.  Clean Water / Storm Water Utility Fund (85) – This fund accounts for the certain standards for street sweeping, storm drain maintenance and other environmental quality programs
FY2014-15 Supplemental Information - Proposed

utilities) or exempt properties (such as churches, schools, and museums) for which there is no State reimbursement. These values do include the homeowners’ exemptions which are reimbursed by the State. SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION SUP - 5 City Council FY
RFP Document

single limit, covering any vehicle utilized by Selected Respondent in performing the services required by the Agreement. 3-3. Selected Respondent agrees to maintain in force at all times during the performance of work under the Agreement workers'
RFP 13-21 Historic Resources Survey and Update

context statement, 6) survey results/findings, 7) recommendations for future studies, 8) sources, and 9) maps and other exhibits, as appropriate. Footnotes should be utilized as appropriate. Final report will also include complete lists of those
Consumer Confidence Report 2013

is conservation so important in our region? It gives customers ways to lower their utility bills. It helps make the water system more reliable by reducing waste and leaving water available for when it’s needed most. And, conserving water means that we’ll have
RFP Document

injury and property damage, with minimum limits of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence combined single limit, covering any vehicle utilized by Contractor in performing the services required by the Agreement. 3-3. Contractor agrees
RFP Document

During the Term of the Agreement, the City reserves the right to purchase an A/R system; moreover, once purchased and implemented, Operator agrees to utilize the City owned system. o 438 N. Beverly Drive/439 N. Cannon Drive (Valet Services: Thursday,
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