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Public Works Commission May 12, 2016 Synopsis

by Staff has an estimated flow of 1/2 million gallons yearly; time permitting, Engineering staff can look into capture of the water. The water source is 1125 Maytor Place; billed consumption for that property is 200 gpm, indicating the homeowner utilizes
SOI's Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitation & Sustainability for Historic Buildings

be unimpaired. 8 x [10] Wood shutters provide natural light when open and keep interiors cool when closed in historic residential buildings. [11] A vestibule helps retain interior conditioned air in the living space in this historic row house. 1011 12
RFP Document

Information Sheet - Taxicab Operator’s Franchise” and submit with proposal - Appendix D) Each proposer and all principals thereof shall be fingerprinted via the California Department of Justice Live Scan system for a criminal record check and provide
Park Ranger Recommendations

fitness stations. These recently installed machines utilize your body weight to provide you with both strength and aerobic exercises. Machines include a chest press, lat pull down, hip twister, and elliptical machine. Our regular users come at all hours
Central Area Single-Family Home Bulk and Mass Study

principles include: Ensure new construction is compatible with, and enhances, neighborhood character Consider means to relate the construction of basement area to reductions of bulk and mass Utilize incentives to achieve bulk and mass reductions
Team Beverly Hills Residential Educational Program

for the benefit of the Beverly Hills community. To develop, nurture and utilize leadership potential within the community. To familiarize residents with all aspects of government, business, education and service industries. To involve residents
Duplication of Plans

If the plans are maintained on microfilm, the City will utilize its reprographic contractor to pick up and copy the plans. The reprographic company will contact the requestor directly regarding their order; the requestor is responsible for paying
Pre-Construction Meeting Affidavit

Utility Releases m. Temporary C of O’s/ C of C’s/ Final Inspections n. Bond Refunds o. Electronic Construction Field Reports and Documents – www.beverlyhills.org/fieldreports Name Signature Owner: __________________________________
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/6022--Preconstruction Meeting Topics Details v3 - April 2011.pdf
Crime Prevention Tips Holidays

a friend or family member when a stranger is calling on you. • Be aware that some persons collecting for charities or causes are collecting for themselves, Pick a favorite charity and write a check to that charity. • Verify unannounced utility
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/6243--Media Release - Crime Prevention Tips Holidays.pdf
Gray Water Systems

absorption characteristics and the ground water level. • The Soils Engineer can use test holes and soil percolation tests to determine the soil characteristics. • A gray water system can not be utilized in areas not deemed suitable by the Soils Engineer
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/2489--Gray Water Systems.pdf
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