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FY2014-15 Budget Summaries - Proposed

- 11,381,218 16,795,447 Special Revenue Funds 36,121,961 6,306,932 - 306,000 7,825,366 34,297,527 Internal Service Funds 257,764,129 109,462,582 - 200,000
July 17, 2014

Helping Seniors Public Service Organization. ORAL COMMUNICATION FROM THE AUDIENCE Berman, Friedman, Popovich Levyn, Blumenfeld None Ginsburg None AYES: NOES: ABSENT: ABSTAIN: CARRIED MOTION by Friedman, SECONDED by Popovich Levyn to approve
FY 2015-16 Proposed Summaries

155,379,865 Infrastructure Funds 24,278,468 220,000 6,569,142 - 13,668,114 17,399,496 Special Revenue Funds 29,876,602 11,105,238 - 206,000 9,733,072 31,042,768 Internal Service Funds 118,362,986 109,020,331 4,327 200,000 115,038,238 112,149,406 Enterprise
Draft Zoning Code Reorganization - July 11, 2013 Presentation

Code Reorganization Planning Commission July 11, 2013 C ity o f B e ve rly H ills Z o n in g C o d e R e o rg a n iza tio n & S in g le F a m ily M a s s & B u lk S tu d y Our Zoning Philosophy  Zoning should
July 27, 2010

4 Commission was advised of event details and was asked to address: the proposed hours of the event, number of anticipated guests, benefits the City will realize from partnering with the event, and inclement weather plans. Commission voiced
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/7695--7 27 10.pdf
Pension Task Force

exception. • Invest in less volatile assets (predominantly fixed income). • Offer employees a hybrid system of both defined benefit and defined contribution (401k) plans. 10 Little Hoover Commission An independent California watchdog agency created
Waverly Mansion Historic Assessment Report

Reconstruct, strap and reinforce chimneys ($4000), [earthquake damage repair work)  1994  Add  residential fire sprinklers in garden building ($650)  1994  Add to garden house and convert to guard house ($24000)  1994  Add 14 inch deep fountain, water feature ($5000)  1994 
Appendix C- Sample Agreement

Non-payment of franchise fees is grounds for immediate termination of the Agreement. Section 5. Scope of Franchised Services. Franchisee shall have the right, utilizing its own employees and contractors, to provide taxicab services to customers originating
Beverly Hills In Focus - July 2009

cil reviewed proposals that would revise City programs and reduce expenses. In the face of this challenge, the City Council declared its intent to stay true to the community’s core values: maintain public safety, keep overall service standards

Approximately 90% of the City is zoned for residential use. In 2010, approximately 62% of the total dwelling units were apartments and condominiums, and 37% were single family houses. City records indicate that approximately 82%
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