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Proposed Utility Rates

Utility Rates & Fees BHMC 6-1- REFERENCE T Y P E O F U T I L I T Y C H A R G E Inside Outside Inside Outside Inside Outside City City City City City City Water 88-R-7759 Service Connection Charge: General 1" and smaller 670.46
City Clerk's Office FAQ's

on the following link for information: www.beverlyhills.org/about/demo. asp. Any further questions can be directed to the City's Community Development Department/Planning Division at (310) 285-1141. When was the City incorporated? January 28, 1914
Housing Resources Brochure

to build relationships with homeless people to encourage them to use local ser- vices and resources. Individuals participating in the CLASP Program are provided ongoing case management and referrals to the appro- priate services and shelter. The CLASP
10-04-12 DRC Minutes

of the plan check review application, whichever is greater. 5) Project Rendering. Prior to issuance of a building permit, the applicant shall incorporate into the building permit set of plans, an updated color rendering of all building facades
Trousdale Area Traffic Safety - Public Draft Report

Gated residential areas are not uncommon in Southern California, but most were planned as such from the outset. 3. Required haul routes for construction. This concept would, through the construction permit process, limit the exposure of larger
Beverly Vista Afterschool classes

$171/$214 Grade: 1 - 3 Res/Non-res 22791 Mon 2:55 pm - 3:45 pm 9/8 - 11/10 $171/$214 ROBOTICS: ADVANCED CHALLENGES SESSION Ready for a challenge? Progress your understanding of robots in this new and exciting class! Design, build, and program a LEGO®
Beverly Hills In Focus - September 2008

municipal servicesservices that benefit all citizens. The plan for this area will be finalized after community input has been evaluated. To learn more about the proposed EBD, visit the City’s website at www.beverlyhills.org. Printed on recycled
Former Beverly Hills Mayor Benjamin Norton Passes Away

and was mayor for the 1983-1984 term. During his years on the City Council, Mr. Norton was a leading force to build the new Civic Center, which was completed in 1990. During a critical part of the construction, he held evening meetings in his home in order
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/6365--Norton Former_Mayor_Obit_NortonFINAL.pdf
City Of Beverly Hills Prepares For Disaster, Participates in Great California Shakeout Drill

including City staff will stop what they are doing and react as if an earthquake has occurred: DROP to the ground, take COVER under something sturdy, and HOLD on. Customers visiting City buildings during the drill will be directed to take the same
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/9589--Shakeout 2011FINAL.pdf
135 Copley Pl.

re-evaluated because the building was not visible from the public right of way during the current survey process. P5b DescriptionlDate of Photo: No Photo Available P8. Recorded by: Jan Ostashay, Peter Moruzzi, PCR Services, One Venture, Suite 150, Irvine,
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