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2013 Consultant Submission - Historic Resources Group

surveyed, surveyors take a digital photograph of each individual building, as well as pertinent landscape and streetscape features, which are incorporated into the DPR forms. The use of Microsoft Access and GIS software will enable the project team

Maintain strict supervision on use of all temporary facilities and controls. Enforce compliance with applicable standards. Prevent abuse of services. C. Costs of installation, operation and removal of all temporary facilities shall be borne
R1 Draft Study JKA

Recommendation language: The buildings and structures that sit within the Principal Building Area (see Figure 3). Consultant commentary: The existing zoning code refers in several locations to a “Principal Residential Building” but never explicitly de- fines

generate energy to offset the building’s electrical needs. Many different materials may be used provided the materials meets the rating of a Class A Fire-Rated, Non-Wood and meet Building Code requirements. Contact the materials manufacturer class rating
Inspection Request Procedures

next day inspections using the City’s online or automated telephone systems.  All building inspections are scheduled by the assigned building inspector for a morning (8:00am-12:00pm) or afternoon (12:00pm-4:00pm) window; inspection window
Roofing Permit Application

285-1141 Fax. (310) 273-0972 I:\\COMDEV\\Handouts\\MASTER handout sheets\\building_and_safety\\building_application_originals\\Applications\\Roofing Permit Application. doc; 7/31/2007 ROOFING PERMIT APPLICATION (SEPARATE STRUCTURES REQUIRE SEPARATE
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/2494--Roofing Application.pdf
1-16-13 AC Minutes

3) A sign program shall be prepared and presented to the Architectural Commission at a future meeting prior to the issuance of building or business identification signage for the building. The Commission recommends installing the signage from
2015-16 Filming & Special Events Fee Schedule

Party Charter 85.00 90.00 Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bus Pass (monthly) 7.00 7.00 Taxi Coupon Book (per month / per book) 6.00 6.00 Public Works Services, 345 North Foothill Road Public Works Foothill Building - Room 217* *Meeting Room
1100 Carolyn Way

DescriptionlDate of Photo: June, 2004 P9. Date Recorded: D Continuation ~1 Update P8. Recorded by: Jan Ostashay, Peter Moruzzi, PCR Services, One Venture, Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92618 Tuesday, June 01, 2004 DPR 523L (1/95) PCR Services Corporation
616 Beverly Dr., N.

P2. Location: 616 North Beverly Dr. BlO Significance: This property was demolished since it was last evaluated in the 1985-1986 survey.. P5b Description/Date of Photo: Demolished PB. Recorded by: Jan Ostashay, Peter Moruzzi, PCR Services, One
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