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Donation Information
How to Help:

Wildfires across the state have devastated local communities, many of which are still facing challenges posed by COVID-19.  

Providing financial assistance is the most effective way to support wildfire evacuees, including pets and animals. The public is encouraged to donate through the following organizations:


Be aware of scammers, and consider the following:
  • During this unprecedented time be aware that contact tracers will never ask for insurance information, Social Security numbers, or a payment. 
  • Be cautious of requests for donations by unfamiliar organizations or people.
  • Beware of unsolicited contacts and appeals on social media sites. Some leading relief charities now accept donations via cell phone, but unsolicited text messages, like unsolicited telephone and email communications, should be viewed with suspicion and handled with caution.
  • Crowd-funding and other types of internet-giving can be tools of tremendous good, but as with any type of giving it can be abused, so proceed with caution when donating online.
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