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Means and Method Plan


The City of Beverly Hills Community Development Department takes the preservation of its rental housing as it relates multi-family residential construction and habitability repairs with a high level of regard.  Occupant safety and compliance with City approved permits, plans and construction practices are the goal of achieving a successful outcome for the safety and wellbeing of tenants, contractors and property owners. Experienced City staff review the Means and Methods Plan and work with the property owner and contractor to clearly detail the scope of the proposed project to address concerns affecting general occupant habitability, construction impact mitigation, and compliance with regulating building codes.

The City of Beverly Hills is committed to ensuring its rental housing stock continues to be maintained to code compliant conditions while addressing quality of life for all community stakeholders.

If a property is tenant-occupied and, as determined by the city building official, the construction work could impact the habitability of any unit on the property, the applicant shall submit a Construction Means and Method Plan to the Rent Stabilization Division (RSO). BHMC § 9-1-108 (L) 

Below is the process that Applicant will need to follow in order to submit a Means and Method Plan to the Rent Stabilization Division for review and approval:

  • Applicant first must submit an application for plan check and building permit to Building and Safety. The Plan Review Engineer determines if a Means and Method Plan is required based on the scope of work submitted.
    • Note: for work that will exceed one day but does not require a building permit, a Means and Method Plan may be still required if associated work will require tenant relocation. Please contact the RSO at (310) 285 - 1031 or via email at
  • If a Means and Method Plan is required, Applicant must submit to RSO for review and approval.
  • Once the Means and Method Plan is approved, RSO staff will connect Applicant back with Building and Safety to continue the building permit issuance process.

Below you can access the most current version of the City's Means and Method Plan and other related documents: 

 For more information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below:

For assistance or questions, please contact Rent Stabilization staff at (310) 285 - 1031 or via email at

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