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344 N. Foothill Road; Beverly Hills, 90210

The dog park is open daily from 6 am to 9 pm. 

All dogs must be registered with the City of Beverly Hills and have a BH Community Dog Park tag upon entrance to the park. 

Park Rangers will check for dog tags.

Keyless Entry System

Key fobs are being issued to registered Beverly Hills Community Dog Park tag holders with current LA City license(s) on file. Key fobs will allow access to the dog park through a keyless entry system.

Keyless Fobs

Locations and times to obtain key fobs are:

In Person Appointments can be made at

Beverly Hills Public Library
2nd Floor Administration Offices
Monday through Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm


The Dog Park is open to registered guests.

Breed Restrictions:

40 dogs. Maximum of 3 dogs per person.  Small dog area: 6,363 sq. ft. Large dog area: 12,255 sq. ft.

Metered parking and a parking structure is located at: 9333 Third Street for pay-as-you-go parking.  

In order to obtain a permit to gain access to the Dog Park, dogs must have a current license.  Go to: LA Animal Services for a Dog License Application:

To register your dogs to use the park go to:

There are no restrooms at this site.

Guests are expected to abide by the rules posted.  Non-Compliance can result in termination of permit.  

The park is monitored by CCTV cameras and a Park Ranger is stationed at the park during park hours.  

Registration is required.  

Register now to use the Beverly Hills Community Dog Park.

All dogs must have a valid license in their local community to register. See LA Animal Services for  license information.


Donor Recognition
$100,000 Lili Bosse In Recognition of Honorable Lili and Jon Bosse
$30,000 Family Sen In Loving Memory of Alp Sen
$25,000 Tina Sinatra In Honor of her parents Nancy Barbato Sinatra and Frank Sinatra.
$25,000 The Amanda Foundation

In Memory of Robert Keenan

$10,000 Esther S.M. Chui-Chao


$5000 Partik Mahoney / West Coast Arborists, INC.   
$5,000 Thomas Schulhof In Recognition Annie & Tom Schulhof
$5,000 Mildred A. Schuber In Loving Memory of Mark Richard Schuber
$5,000 Lili Bosse  
$5,000 Jamie and Daniel Ross  
$5,000 Frances Bilak  
$5,000 The Beverly Hills Courier  
$5,000 Live Nation


$5,000 Michael J Libow In Honor of Sally & Mitch
$1,800 Lili Bosse In Honor of Teddy
$1,000 Sharon Ignarro In Recognition Jack, Lucy, Mary dog & Rory
$1,000 George Chavez In Memory of Donielle Kahikina
$1,000 The Kiesel Family In Recognition The Kiesel Family
$1,000 Jerry Sweet In Recognition of Jerry & Jack Sweet
$1,000 Harvey Englander & Donna Black


$1,000 Annette & Marc Saleh  
$1,000 Simone & Lester Friedman Simone & Lester Friedman & Family
$1,000 Alan R. Block Jan and Alan Block
$1,000 The Wolfen Family Jake, Lily & Ruby.  3 great dogs & friends!
$1,000 Myrna Zimmerman Anita Green, who truly loved dogs!
$1,000 Terrie Gerber Honoring my best friend Jenny
$500 Michael Collins & Daniel Banchik In Recognition of Daniel Banchik
$500 The Friend Family Dog Park
$500 Michael Chill  
$300 Anonymous In Honor of Ruby, Dre & Rexx
$250 Aesop Rene Jesus Marterella  
$250 Anonymous  
$250 Francine & Howard Fisher In Recognition of Snowie
$250 Michelle Ficarra/ The Agency In Recognition of Teresa Ficarra
$250 Bardack Family Trust  

Gloria Jennings-Milkowski &
Lou Milkowski

Gloria, Lou, & Latkee Angel Jennings-Milkowski
$200 Danna Ruscha In Recognition of Lili Bosse
$200 Kathleen Rothner  
$200 Anonymous  
$200 Allen Rennett  
$150 Rhoda Sharp In Recognition of Lili Bosse
$100 Argel T. Dionio Argel T. Dionio
$100 Bialer Family Trust Joe, Rachel, Ilan, Boris, Matti Bialer
$100 Bud & Carol Foran  
$100 Jennifer L. Shannon-Yeganhe In Recognition of Shannon-Yeganhe Foundation
$100 Adam Frankel  
$100 Johnathan Seltzer  
$100 Diane Shader Smith In Recognition of Lili Bosse
$100 Terrie Gerber  
$100 Judy Okun  
$100 Bud & Carole Foran  
$100 Lisa Crystal  
$100 Victoria Talbot Chai & Latte
$100 Lanna and Jay Solnit Lili Bosse
$100 Cindy Koral Lola
$100 Stan & Dianne King Otto
$100 Kimberly and Benjamin Reiss For Our Henry
$81 Alma Ordaz Duque, Neron, Winston... my dog angels.  
$67 Staff Donation  
$65 Cathy & Michael Barry In Honor of Lester Friedman's 65th  birthday
$50 Monica & Joel Brener In Recognition of Lili Bosse
$50 Jared Minami In Recognition of father George Minami
$36 Ori Blumenfeld  
$25 Barry Jacobs In Honor of Buddy
$25 Robert Block Snoopy
$25 Gail Lowenstein  
$25 Jeff Tilem/ Pioneer Hardware  
$20 Nicola & Sherrine Budiman In Recognition of Toro
$20 Tabitha Lee  
$10 Anonymous Inca




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