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Real Estate Signs

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A real estate sign is defined by BHMC 10-4-104 as a sign indicating that the premises on which the sign is located is for sale, lease, or rent.  The sign may contain any of the following information, and no more: a description of the premises offered for sale, lease, or rent and the name, address, and telephone number of the owner, broker, or other person offering the same for sale, lease, or rent.  In addition, the words "sold", "leased", or "rented" may be added to a previously posted sign for one period of time not to exceed thirty (30) days. The area of the sign shall include the area of any and all riders that may be attached to the sign.  An annual real estate sign sticker is required for all real estate signs.

Illegal real estate signs, including but not limited to Open House signs, flags, banners, and pennants may be confiscated and an administrative citation issued or legal action may be taken. This includes any signs, banners or pennants on a public right-of-way (see "Location" below).


It is illegal to post, display or maintain a real estate sign on any public property or public right-of-way including but not limited to curbs, parkways and driveway approaches. BHMC 10-4-302

Extensive mapping and GIS information regarding City boundaries may be accessed at Interactive Maps & Geographic Information System (Virtual Beverly Hills).

You may submit an online request for more information or file an illegal sign report at Ask Bev!


  • Stickers may be purchased in City Hall, at the Cashier on the first floor, during regular business hours. City Hall is located at 455 North Rexford Drive; public parking is available.
  • Moving parts such as flags, banners or pennants attached to a structure or pole are prohibited by Code.
  • Signs with more than one face are not permitted at any location.
  • No sign is permitted on the public right-of-way.

Real Estate Sign Stickers are valid only for the calendar year printed on the sticker; the prices below, however, are valid thru June 30, 2019:

  • Single-family Zone   Max 150 sq in   $19.00/each
  • Multi-family Zone     Max 500 sq in   $29.00/each (apartment and condominium buildings)
  • Commercial Zone     Max 12 sq ft     $39.00/each

*IMPORTANT NOTE: All sign sticker purchases are non-refundable.

The Code section governing Single and Multi Family sign locations is BHMC 10-4-302; governing number of signs allowed is BHMC 10-4-406, and governing location of Commercial Zone signs is BHMC 10-4-602

    1. Single Family Zone maximum of 150 sq. in.; one sign on private property unless a corner lot, in which case there may be one sign on each street frontage.
    2. Multi Family Zone maximum of 500 sq. in.; one sign on private property unless a corner lot, in which case there may be one sign on each street frontage.
    3. Commercial Zone: maximum of 12 sq. ft.; one sign on private property unless a corner lot, in which case there may be one sign on each street frontage.

Page updated August 1, 2018