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Permit Information

Appointments are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for the following Police Department services:

  • Permit Renewal
  • Permit Identification Card Renewal
  • Arson Registration (per 457.1 PC)
  • Narcotics Registration (per 11590 H&S)   

Parade or Assembly Permits

The right to peacefully demonstrate is afforded to all persons and protected by the First Amendment. This constitutional privilege does not, however, allow demonstrators to block a sidewalk, prevent ingress or egress into a business or building, break any law, or in general, disrupt the public’s peace.

In order to conduct a parade or assembly in the City of Beverly Hills, a permit is required.

Parades. The Beverly Hills Municipal Code defines a parade as any march, demonstration, procession, motorcade, or promenade consisting of persons, animals, or vehicles, or a combination thereof, having a common purpose, design, destination or goal in any public place which does not comply with normal traffic regulations or control. [BHMC Section 4-3.202(a)]

Assemblies. The Beverly Hills Municipal Code defines an assembly as any meeting, demonstration, picket line, rally, gathering, or group of 25 or more persons, animals, or vehicles, or a combination thereof, having a common purpose, design, or goal, upon any public street, sidewalk, alley, park, or other public place, which substantially inhibits the usual flow of pedestrian or vehicular travel or occupies any public area. [BHMC 4-3.202(b)]

Parade/Assembly Permit Fees. Pursuant to Beverly Hills Municipal Code Section 4-2.211, permittees must reimburse the City for traffic control costs incurred when traffic is diverted due to parade or assembly street closures.

Exemptions. Funeral processions and demonstrations precipitated by recent news events, provided 24 hour advance written notice is given to the City, are generally exempt. [BHMC Section 4-3.203]

Beverly Hills Municipal Code sections do not prohibit disabled persons from carrying canes, walkers, or similar devices necessary for providing mobility so that they may participate in demonstrations, rallies, picket lines, parades or assemblies.

To request a parade or demonstration permit or obtain additional information concerning Beverly Hills Municipal Code requirements, contact Officer Paul Kim 310-285-2198.

In order to more effectively communicate your position, your may  carry a sign or other device. However, in the interest of safety, the municipal code imposes restrictions on the size and type of material that is used to support signs for demonstrations and lawful picketing.
Signs. Signs, posters, plaques, or notices, whether mounted on a length of wood or hand held, must be constructed solely of cloth, paper, or cardboard material no greater than 1/4 inch thick. [BHMC 4-3.209(c)]

Wood or Wood Products. It is unlawful to carry or possess any length of lumber, wood or wood lath greater than one foot in length, unless the wood object is blunted at its ends, is 1/4 inch or less in thickness and 2 inches or less in width, or if not generally rectangular in shape, does not exceed 3/4 inch at its thickest dimension. [BHMC Section 4-3.209(a)]

Plastic or Metal Pipe. It is unlawful to carry or possess any length of plastic pipe or metal greater than one foot in length or more than 1/4 inch at its thickest dimension. [BHMC 4-3.209(b)]

Other things to remember:
Projectile Launchers. Projectile launchers or other devices which are commonly used for the purpose of launching, hurling, or throwing any object, liquid, material or substance cannot be carried or possessed. [BHMC Section 4-3.209(e)]

Use of Gas Masks. Gas masks or similar devises designed to filter air breathed and protect the respiratory tract and face against irritating, noxious or poisonous gases cannot be carried, possessed or worn. [BHMC Section4-3.209(f)]

Animals/Animal-Driven Vehicles. A permit is required to ride or drive an animal or animal-drawn vehicle on any public street. [BHMC Section 4-3.209(d)]

Traffic Control Requirements. Demonstrators are required to abide by the instructions given by traffic control officers to accommodate traffic, including emergency vehicles, through and across a parade route, demonstration, rally, picket line or assembly. [BHMC Section 4-3.209(g)]

Sound Amplification Equipment. A permit is required to use sound amplification equipment for parades or demonstrations. Applications to use sound amplification equipment may be obtained from the Police Department Traffic Division. Completed applications will be reviewed by the Police Department to determine whether use of a sound amplification device would substantially disrupt the peace and quiet of any area in the City or impact traffic within the City. [BHMC Sections 4-3.501 and 4-3.507