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Drawings- Site Work- Site Electrical

\ En gi ne er in g, \ In c. ????????????? A 1"\ =\ 30'-0" PHASE\ ONE\ ELECTRICAL\ SITE\ PLAN ???????? ????????????? ??????? ?????? ??????? ???????????? ?????? 2 2 2 1 \ E a s t\ W in s to n \ R o a d ,\
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/9567--Site Electrical.pdf
2-20-13 AC Minutes

by the director of community development, or designee, shall be submitted to the staff liaison to the commission within fourteen (14) days of approval or prior to submittal of the plan check review application, whichever is greater. 4) Project Rendering. Prior
Mayor's Cabinet Meeting Highlights - Monday, May 21, 2014

purchased more than 400 books for high school students and teachers. They will encourage residents of all ages to read the book and hope to start a dialogue on the many positive messages from the book. Planning Commission – Vice Chair Howard Fisher
Mayors Cabinet Meeting Highlights - January 6, 2014

being rejected by the Planning Commission. Originally, the four-story project was approved by the City Council with the condition that it would not be leased for medical and other specified uses. The owners later came back and asked for medical use, which
Waverly Mansion Historic Assessment Report

CITY LANDMARK ASSESSMENT & EVALUATION REPORT JANUARY 2013  WAVERLY MANSION  9401 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA  Prepared for: City of Beverly Hills Community Development Department Planning Division
Bid Package

of exercise equipment and irrigation at La Cienega Park, located at 8400 Gregory Way, Beverly Hills, California 90210. d. Obtaining Bid Documents: A copy of the Bid Package may be obtained by mail or in person from the Department of Public Works
Bid Document

plumbing fixtures on the interior at the Roxbury Memorial Park located at 471 S. Roxbury Drive in the City of Beverly Hills. d. Obtaining Bid Documents: A copy of the Bid Package may be obtained by mail or in person from the Department of Capital
9900 Wilshire (One Beverly Hills) Plans

\ Submittal06.15.15 Updated\ City\ Planning\ Submittal09.21.15 1 Level\ 5\ -\ Proposed EL.\ 48'-0" 2 Level\ 5\ -\ 12.06.12\ City\ of\ Beverly\ Hills\ Entitled EL.\ 48'-0" RESIDENTIALHOTEL 06.15.15 1\/32"=1'-0" YB RS Floor\ Plan\ Level\ 5 A2.0.8 DATE:
Shannon and Wilson Report on Westside Subway Extension Project

by the design and plans and specifications for the project. Precedents for Stations on Fault Zones – While there are case histories of tunnels surviving earthquakes in relatively good condition, damage has been noted in references we reviewed for stations
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/10400--51-1-10024-003 R01Final.pdf
Anthony - Kerry House Historic Assessment Report

CITY LANDMARK ASSESSMENT & EVALUATION REPORT JUNE 2013  ANTHONY‐KERRY HOUSE  910 North Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA  Prepared for: City of Beverly Hills Community Development Department Planning Division
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