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Budget Review Committee Report - June 2, 2009

• Combine commissions/reduce number of commission meetings during slow periods to save staff time and expense. • Promote community outreach to build understanding / buy-in for potential tax increases needed to raise revenue. – Utility taxes. – Storm
9-12-13 Minutes

discussion by City Council concerning whether or not volunteer parking enforcement using civilians as parking enforcement will be utilized by the City. That discussion will occur on September 24, 2013. COMMENTS FROM COMMISSIONERS (ORAL) Commissioner
10-03-13 Minutes

4. Status Report • Director of Parking Operations Chad Lynn provided an overview of guidelines established by the California Public Utilities Commission regarding the use of “Transportation Network Companies”. • Deputy Director of Transportation
Revised Bid Tab (3-18-15) For Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Job #10102

REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER TREATMENT PLANT REHABILITATION BID TAB JOB #10102 BID DATE FEBRUARY 24, 2015 ITEM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Industrial Waste Line Rehabilitation Clearwell Upgrades Utility Trench Improvements Valve
Appendix C- Sample Agreement

Non-payment of franchise fees is grounds for immediate termination of the Agreement. Section 5. Scope of Franchised Services. Franchisee shall have the right, utilizing its own employees and contractors, to provide taxicab services to customers originating
Earthquake Preparedness

for gas and water leaks or broken electrical wiring. If there is damage, turn utility off at the source.  Inspect you home for damage. Look for cracks and structural damage, including roof, chimneys and foundation.  Use the telephone only to report
C1056 Amendment No 5 Cover Letter

Amendment Letter IFB No. C1056 1 Amendment No. 5: AMENDMENT Date: 04.30.14 Amendment Date: 04.30.14 Amendment No.: 05 Contract Title: Westside Subway Extension Project – Advanced Utility Relocations (La Cienega Station) Contract Number: IFB No.
12-11-14 Meeting Synopsis

Josette Descalzo, new Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Manager. NEW BUSINESS 1. Utility Bill Design Update Mr. Cartagena provided an update. The new design is laid out and Mark Brower is working with Munis to secure an outside vendor
Bid Tab (Rebid 15-30) Bid Opening May 14, 2015

REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER TREATMENT PLANT REHABILITATION BID TAB JOB #10102 REBID DATE MAY 14, 2015 (BID #15-30) ITEM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Industrial Waste Line Rehabilitation Clearwell Upgrades Utility Trench Improvements
Summer Reading Club Kick-Off Party May 31

Services for the City of Beverly Hills, “and we are very proud to see the community engage in our programs and utilize the many resources that the Library offers.” Summer Reading Club encourages reading throughout the summer by providing an incentive
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